Eligibility for UCAT ® exam

When can I sit the UCAT® exam?

The UCAT® exam is only available to students who are in their final year of secondary school, or students enrolled in university. Accordingly, students enrolled in 2015 in Australian Year 11 or lower are not eligible to sit UCAT® exam 2015.

However this doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing for the UCAT® exam early!

I am currently in Year 11 and enrolled in a Year 12 subject, can I sit the UCAT® exam?

No. Year 11 students undertaking Year 12 subjects are NOT eligible to take the UCAT® exam. Similarly, Year 12 students completing Year 12 over two or more years are only eligible to sit the UCAT® exam in their final year.

Can I sit the UCAT® exam if I have already completed a degree in university?

Yes, you will be eligible to sit for the UCAT® exam regardless of whether you have commenced or completed an undergraduate degree.

However please note that not all undergraduate degree programs that require the UCAT® exam as a prerequisite offers places for non-school leavers. All students are strongly encouraged to check the university’s relevant websites for further information.

Do International students need to take the UCAT® exam?

International students are strongly advised to check the websites of the universities to which they plan to apply.

Only a limited number of universities actually require International students to sit the UCAT® exam for entry into Medical and Health Sciences courses, and if so only in specific circumstances.

For example, entry into Medicine at Monash University requires candidates to take the International Students Admission Test (ISAT) as an alternative to the UCAT® exam.

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