Understanding UCAT ® exam

What is the UCAT® exam?

The UCAT® exam stands for ‘Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test’.

The UCAT® exam is an admissions test required for undergraduate-entry into

The UCAT® exam is issued by the Australian Council for Educational Research(ACER) and consists of 3 sections:

Section 1: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving (48 Questions in 70 Minutes)

Section 2: Understanding People (44 Questions in 55 Minutes)

Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning (42 Questions in 55 Minutes)

The questions are all in Multiple-Choice format and are weighted equally.

Visit the ACER website to get more information:

Please note that applicants for post-graduate entry into Medicine or Dentistry must take the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) instead.

How frequently is the UCAT® exam held?

The UCAT® exam is held once a year. In 2015, it is held on 29 July 2015.

For how long are the results valid?

UCAT® exam scores are valid for 1 year only.

For example, if you sit the exam during July 2015, the result will be valid for your 2015 application for a medical or health sciences program commencing in 2016

How many times can I take the UCAT® exam?

There is no limit to the number of times you take the UCAT® exam. If you were unsuccessful the first time, you can re-sit it the following year without being penalised provided you are still eligible to sit the test.

When should I sit the UCAT® exam?

Since results are only valid for 1 year, you should sit for the UCAT® exam the year before you intend to commence your relevant university course.

For example, if you sit the exam during July 2015, the result will be valid for your 2015 application for a medical or health sciences program commencing in 2016

What is the registration process for taking the UCAT® exam?

Registrations for UCAT® exam 2017 have been open December 2016.

Register directly from the ACER UCAT website no later than 5.00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on Friday 2 June 2017.

I have missed the UCAT® exam registration deadline. Will I be allowed to sit the UCAT® exam?

If you intend to sit the UCAT® exam in 2015, ACER allows for late registrations up to 5pm AEST on Friday 19 June 2015 on payment of alate fee of $65 in addition to the online registration system closes at 5pm AEST on Friday 19 June 2015.You will NOT be allowed to register for the UCAT® exam after this time.

Can I take a dictionary with me into the UCAT® exam?

No. The use of a dictionary is prohibited in any section of the test.

Can I take a calculator with me into the UCAT® exam?

No. A calculator is not allowed for any section of the test.

How much does the UCAT® exam cost?

The UCAT® exam costs $240 to sit and $140 if you have a valid concession card.

If you are sitting for the UCAT® exam outside Australia or New Zealand, an additional overseas testing levy of $185 applies.

Which medical schools accept UCAT® exam results?

10 out of the 19 Australian medical schools accept the UCAT® exam. In addition to this, the UCAT® exam is also accepted in 2 medical schools in New Zealand.



South Australia



Western Australia

New Zealand

What other programs accept UCAT® exam results?

Where are the testing centres located?

In Australia:


  • Canberra


  • Bendigo

  • Geelong

  • Melbourne

  • Mildura

  • Sale

  • Shepparton

Northern Territory

  • Alice Springs

  • Darwin


  • Brisbane

  • Cairns

  • Gold Coast

  • Townsville

New South Wales

  • Armidale

  • Dubbo

  • Newcastle

  • Sydney

Western Australia

  • Perth

South Australia

  • Adelaide


  • Hobart

  • Launceston


There is also a range oftest centres outside of Australia:

  • United States of America(Washington DC)

  • Singapore

  • United Kingdom (London)

  • New Zealand (Auckland and Dunedin)


Please note that an overseas levy of $185 is payable in addition to the standard registration fee by all candidates who select a test centre outside Australia and NewZealand.

Apart from the above listed locations, requests for additional test centre locations cannot be

When will I receive my results?

For those who sat the test in 2017, results will be released late September.

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