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How is the GradReady UCAT® courses different from other UCAT® courses provider?

First and foremost is best results, we are extremely data driven - using student performance data to fine tune our practice questions, study content, and teaching style. Over time, we have achieved statistically significant and marked improvements for our students every single year - and we continue to improve and innovate every year. See the results that we have achieved for our students.

Secondly, we offer the best value even when we offer the most content and teaching hours. We consistently reinvest in our internal operational technology to ensure higher efficiency within the GradReady team. These ongoing improvements allow our staff to be more productive every year, allowing us to stand head and shoulder above our competition in the comprehensiveness of tools we offer, response time of study related questions, and effectiveness of our teachings - all the while being best priced. See GradReady vs the rest.

Finally, we offer trailblazing technology that potentiates your efforts. Our suite of online tools and data driven approach allow objective and best practices to be applied to every student online - quickly identifying your weakness and pointing you to the most relevant material. Moreover, our tutors are able to use the same data to amplify their own teaching abilities - achieving the best results for you online and in the classroom. See what we offer in our packages.

Does GradReady cover everything that is tested in the UCAT® exam?

Our curriculum was written specifically to prepare students for the UCAT® exam. All writers have scored in the top 5% of the UCAT® exam and went onto attend medical school. As such, the UCAT® exam Ready team inherently knows what is needed for entry into Australian Medical Schools.

Do I need any preparation material in addition to those provided by UCAT® courses?

It depends on your familiarity with each subject matter. While most students find our material to be sufficient, you may find that your fundamentals are particularly weak in a certain area, let it be vocabulary (in particular words used to describe emotions), reading comprehension or logical reasoning. In these cases it is important for you to consult additional material; we do recommend further readings/exercises in our Textbook for those who wish to consult the material.

Will I have to do study outside UCAT® course program dates?

Yes. While the course was designed as a comprehensive review for the UCAT® exam, the students will need to practise and consolidate information/techniques learnt in class. For you to get the most out of our tutors, we strongly recommend that you go through our online videos thoroughly prior to attending our live classes.

How long does it take to prepare for UCAT® course Live classes?

Optimally, between 40- 100 hours. As you know, one of the unique aspects of UCAT® courses is that during the live classes, we focus on the application of concepts rather than introducing the concepts to you for the first time. As such, you need to put in a certain amount of work, at your own pace, before coming to class.

There are 20 hours of online videos available. If you already have a fair grasp of concepts covered in the UCAT® exam, then we estimate it would take you about 40 hours (2 hours for each hour of video) to work through all the videos, assuming that you pause the videos on occasions to seek clarification through the Textbook/Tutors Online/Internet. If you are not at all familiar with the concepts covered in the UCAT® exam however, then we estimate it could take you up to 5 hours to work through each hour of video, resulting in approximately 100 hours of preparation time.

If you are short on time, then we recommend that you look at the Study Guide at the beginning of each subject - where there is a list of videos you absolutely need to watch before each class. The reason why we do not encourage you to just watching the minimum number of videos before each class is that difficult UCAT® exam questions often incorporate multiple concepts -meaning that you may not fully appreciate what the tutor has to say,until you have a fuller overall understanding. So even though each class is designed to focus on a few concepts, some of the difficult MCQs covered during a particular class may require understanding of concepts not covered in that particular class.

Is there any prerequisite knowledge required for UCAT® exam?

Students will need to demonstrate an adequate command of English and arithmetic skills. You may prepare by accessing our online video. Watching the videos thoroughly will help you to get the most out of our tutors in class.

Is telephone support available?

Please contact us using the web contact form as your first option. If the matter is urgent or you prefer to speak over the phone, please call the number provided on the Contact page.

Can I access sample material, including a look at how the MCQ Tracking System works?

Yes. You are able to view 4 sample videos, the index of our 2014 textbook and get a glimpse of the foundation of our MCQ reporting system. To do so, simply click on the Login tab at the top right hand corner and click on Register.

What topics are covered in the Attendance Course?

You are able to download a sample timetable of our Attendance course. To do so, simply click on the Login tab at the top right hand corner and click on Register. You will then be able to access our Documents tab and download a sample timetable.

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