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Course Description

In this package, we teach you how to reason through and analyse the different question types in the UMAT. The Attendance portion of the course will focus on MCQ strategies, understanding and addressing your specific weaknesses, and really delving into the most challenging topics.

In addition you will be able to strengthen your weak points, at your own pace, through our online tutor forum and many hours worth of bite-sized videos.

All online material are immediately available for access after purchase.


The following Features are Available Immediately After Completion of Payment:

Interactive Teaching Style

In our small classes of 18, GradReady tutors have plenty of opportunities to clarify your specific queries.

5 Online Exams

(Built into our systems)

Our online test system mimics the style of the UMAT by putting you under real time pressure. The exam results will be automatically broken down according to the applicable topics (from a pool of 19 topics), giving you a precise overview of your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, your performance will be automatically compared to that of other GradReady students, and you will be given the resulting percentile in the applicable sections and overall. Other than our Mock Exam Days, this is as close as it gets to the actual UMAT.

Diagnostics Assessment

(Built into our systems)

Use the 50 question test to assess your familiarity of the fundamental concepts covered in the UMAT. Your performance will be automatically reported across the 3 subject areas and 19 subtopics. Use this information to guide the focus of your study. Note that this is not a diagnostics of your performance in the UMAT; the MCQs or Online Exams would better serve that purpose.

Mock Exam Day + Mock Exam Day Recap

(Built into our systems)

The closest thing to the actual UMAT - you will be put under time pressures in a well-simulated test environment. Then our expert tutors will go through all of the MCQs with you the next day. In addition, your performance will be compared with that of other GradReady students, and you'll be given a percentile in each of the 3 sections and overall.

GetClarity System

(Built into our systems)

We believe that the best way to improve is to understand where you went wrong and how you can do better the next time. The GetClarity System is a tool that will help you to dissect your weaknesses in even more detail than our standard, but already industry leading, features. The first step in this system is to enable you to easily ask follow-up questions about any content – meaning that you practically have a personal tutor at your fingertips 24/7. The system is currently being applied to our Videos, MCQs, textbook and Online Exams.

Cross Referencing System

(Built into our systems)

To enable you to better tie together resources across platforms, we have introduced the Cross Referencing system where you will to able to match MCQs to precise videos and textbook chapters. So when you get an MCQ wrong, you will now know exactly which videos and notes to review to consolidate your knowledge.

MCQs + Tracking System

The GradReady MCQ Bank utilises cutting edge web education technology in performance tracking and topic targeting. The MCQs are categorised into subtopics - our advanced MCQ system not only tracks your performance in each subtopic, it also allows you to create sets of MCQs based on subtopics of your choosing – meaning you can focus on what you need to. We are adding new questions to the bank every week and stay tuned for additional technology updates throughout the year. There is no limit on the number of times you may reattempt the MCQs. Explanations are provided for all MCQs.

Study Timeline Guide

(included in course book)

To help you navigate through the UMAT journey, we have provided a detailed Study Timeline Guide for each of the 3 sections. This guide is included in the Course Book.

Quality Assurance System

(Built into our systems)

You are able to provide feedback on everything within the GradReady web system - from MCQs to videos. This means that we can rapidly adapt to your needs.

Course Videos

(Built into our systems)
Logical Reasoning - 4 Hours Understanding People - 1.5 Hours Non-verbal Reasoning - 3 Hours
The videos are broken up into digestible chunks of approximately 10 minutes each. The videos cover all of the fundamental concepts you'll need to know for the UMAT and serve as an excellent starting point for your UMAT preparation. Go at your own pace, and clarify issues through Online Tutor Access. There is no limit on the number of times you may review the videos.

Comprehensive Textbook

(Built into our systems)

The text comprehensively covers the UMAT, through sections on overarching strategies (general UMAT Strategies + Study Guides), Logical Reasoning (8 topics), Understanding People (3 topics) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (8 topics).

Supplemental Resources

(Built into our systems)

Access additional documents and resources uploaded by our tutors.

UMAT Strategy

(included in course book)

Perform your best by understanding what makes the UMAT different, how to prepare for it and how to deal with high-pressure situations. This guide is included in the Course Book.

Attendance Tutorials

(Built into our systems)
Logical Reasoning - 12 hours Understanding People - 7 Hours Non-verbal Reasoning - 11 Hours
Our expert tutors will teach you techniques and concepts by demonstrating their thinking process through working through MCQs with you, as well as dissect difficult concepts and clarify your specific questions. To reap the full benefits of our Attendance Tutorials, please ensure that you prepare by thoroughly working through all videos prior – our tutors will assume that you are familiar with the fundamental concepts covered in the videos.

5 x 1 hour private tutoring sessions

(Built into our systems)

Be fully prepared for the UMAT by addressing your remaining weak points in one on one sessions.