Recent Update

At GradReady, we pride ourselves in constantly improving and innovating.

Here's a more detailed look at what we've done differently each year.

Following are just what we have so far. There will be many more announcements to come throughout the year!

System Wide Updates
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Brand New Website - 3.0

The current site is the third completely new GradReady site. By “new”, we are not referring to new versions, we are not referring to modifications, we are not even referring to pulling apart the old site and reassembling it. We mean that we had rebuilt it completely from scratch - so that we can use the latest software frameworks as foundation, enabling us to develop features that would be impossible in the older versions.

If you have ever wondered why no other providers offer what we do, it is because the no one else had reinvested back into technology the way we have.

GradReady 3.0 was released in April 2016. The new software framework allows the site to perform complex functions at lightning speed and serve as foundation for even more advanced technologies that we will release to GAMSAT ® , UMAT ® , VCE ® and HSC ® students throughout the year.

Features Updates
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GetClarity System Modifications

The system has now been extended to Online Textbook, meaning that you can easily link your questions to discrete book chapters. We have also introduced a tracking system to questions submitted - assuring timely and quality responses. Stay tuned for more updates to this system later this year.

Exemplar Interview Response Videos
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Videos have been added to demonstrate what makes a good, average and poor response to a range of typical MMI questions. This feature allows you to become familiar with techniques that you can implement to set yourself apart from other candidates.

Bank of MMI Questions
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A bank of 200+ sample MMI questions have been created by medical students who have been through the interview process. The sample questions tie in with the 10 common scenarios to allow students to practice what they have learnt in class.

You can set up a mock interview for yourself through our MMI Question Bank. The interview questions have been written by medical students who have gone through interviews themselves.

Content Updates
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Essay Writing Guide

The guide was one of our most highly rated sections in the book in 2014. However, we made the guide even better by adding in 30 more example essays and analysis and an additional 40 sets of quote for you to use for practice.

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More Online Exams

We have increase the number of Online Exams from 3 to 6, meaning that you will now be even better practiced for the exam.

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More MCQs

We understand the importance of practice in consolidating what you have learned. Therefore our team have constantly worked to produce additional high quality MCQs. We now have 3000 MCQs across our 43 subtopics, which will allow you to delve deep into and improve upon each one of your weaknesses. Expect even more MCQs to be released throughout the year.

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Updated MCQ explanations

We constantly expand upon the MCQ explanations to better help you understand the thinking require to solve various problems. The explanations, like the MCQs, are being constantly updated throughout the year based on your needs.

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Comprehensive Chemistry Module

Realising the challenges a lot of students faced in Chemistry, we have increased the number of live teaching hours in Chemistry and have expanded the resources available for the subject.

New Web Learning Tools
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GetClarity TM System

This is a tool that will help you to dissect your weaknesses in even more detail than our standard, but already industry leading, features. The first step in this system is to enable you to easily ask follow-up questions about any content – meaning that you practically have a personal tutor at your fingertips 24/7. The system is currently being applied to our Videos, MCQs and Online Exams.

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Online Textbook

Now you can travel anywhere with your textbook without having to carry around an extra 2 kgs. But if you would also like a physical copy, we have reserved the option for you to purchase a hardcopy once you sign up.

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MCQ Performance Comparison

Ever wondered how many other students got a particular question correct? You can now view the percentage of students who picked the option that you did and that for other options.

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Customising MCQs Based on Difficulties

Improving upon our industry leading MCQ system, it is now possible for you to create groups of MCQs based on the difficulty level that is appropriate for you. This change means that you can focus on just the right MCQs, whether you are beginning to familiarise yourself with a particular subject or if you want to really become an expert.

System Updates
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Upgraded Essay Feedback System

Each year we receive tens of thousands of essays. To ensure that you receive timely feedback, we have reengineered our essay management system to ensure that your submissions receive immediate attention and are returned promptly.

Content Updates
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GAMSAT ® -Style MCQs
UMAT ® -Style MCQs

Our academic team has perfected our MCQs to ensure that the style of our MCQs is as close to "GAMSAT ® -Style" as possible. We have also increased the number of difficult MCQ questions. After practicing using our MCQ bank, the real GAMSAT ® will feel like a breeze. To see some sample MCQs, please go to our blog and click on the Practice MCQs category on the right hand side.

Our academic team has perfected our MCQs to ensure that the style of our MCQs is as close to "UMAT ® -Style" as possible. We have also increased the number of difficult MCQ questions. After practicing using our MCQ bank, the real UMAT ® will feel like a breeze. To see some sample MCQs, please go to our blog and click on the Practice MCQs category on the right hand side.

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Cross Referencing

To enable you to better tie together resources across platforms, we have introduced the Cross Referencing system where you will to able to match MCQs to precise videos and notes. So when you get an MCQ wrong, you will now know exactly which videos and notes to review to consolidate your knowledge.

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Higher Emphasis on Humanities

Considering that Humanities is usually the weakest area of the typical candidate and it requires the most work to improve, we have substantially increased the amount of resources devoted to Humanities. We have increased the Live Humanities classes from 6 hours to 9 hours, Humanities videos from 2 hours to 5 hours, and doubled the amount of book notes devoted to essay writing and example essays aimed at helping to you understand what differentiates essays of differing standards.

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Updated Textbook

We have revamped much of our textbook to ensure that it focuses on fundamental concepts core to reasoning through the questions effectively. In addition, we have added a specific and detailed study guide for each of Humanities, Biology, Chemistry and Physics - to ensure that you stay on track.

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Even Better Videos

Taking abroad the feedback from past GradReady students, we have revamped much of our chemistry and physics videos to ensure that the presenters better focus on making the videos engaging as well as informative. Through the use real life examples and techniques loved by students in our Live classes, our presenters have created videos that will make studying for the an engaging experience.

New Web Learning Tools
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MCQ Tracker

This tool will make it easy for you to work out and focus on your weaknesses. You will now be able to see the percentage of MCQs you have correct under each sub-topic, through our MCQ Tracker system. Combining the MCQ Tracker with our Cross Referencing system, you will then be able to allocate your time to areas where you need to spend it the most.

Improved web user experience
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Student Launch Pad

The student home page is now evolving into a multi purpose tool for you to obtain important information about your course and progress. As a start, we have made it easier for you to access important announcements and keep abreast with important dates. As the year progresses, we will be revealing some exciting learning tools that we currently have in the works.

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Flexibility in Making Upgrades

We understand that sometimes it is hard to determine your availability to attend the Live Courses or even to work out the amount of time you have to study. To accommodate for everyone's differing needs, we've vastly broadened your ability to mix and match the features that you require.

Structural Changes
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Revamp of Live Course Content

In the past, live courses focused on the core humanities and science concepts. However, we found that the students’ favourite part of the class was when the tutor was explaining through demonstrating. Therefore, we made working through examples the focus of the live classes - let the examples be MCQs or articles. The core knowledge that we used to teach in class was not discarded of course; we simply moved it online, so that you can move at your own pace and ask plenty of questions in class.

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Brand New Website

We completely changed the site look and functionalities. The website now has a more intuitive flow. In addition, we have developed an advanced MCQ system that allows you to pick specific MCQs to target your weaknesses. This new site also lays the foundations for some exciting new developments that we have in the works.

New Features
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Course Videos

The videos were made by the highest-rated GradReady tutors and cover the fundamental concepts addressed. These online videos allow you to work at your own pace, and compliment our Online Tutor Access system.

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Online Tutor Access

Inline with our philosophy of interaction-based learning, we’ve made our tutors accessible 24/7. We understand that having the right guidance will often speed up the learning process and make the learning much more effective. You can work though the videos and course book at your own pace, and ask away until you get clarity.

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Diagnostics Assessment

We found that our students get the highest yield when they focus on their weak points. Our 62-question test is designed to give you a detailed breakdown of your performance across 6 major topics and 27 subtopics. We designed the topics to correspond with our advanced MCQ system structure, meaning that you can use the diagnostics results to focus your practice.