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UMAT® Courses BBQ Event

Chat with Medical students at free BBQ - UMAT

Ever wondered what’s the life of a medical student really like? Here’s your chance to talk to a few students currently attending your local medical school.

Choosing to be a doctor is a ...

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Free UMAT UCAT Information Session

Chat with Medical students at Free UMAT Information Session

UMAT® Exam is the new and the unknown. Let us help you get an idea of what’s ahead!


For many, knowledge of the UMAT® Exam is restricted to hearsay. Given the importance of such an exam we at...

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Free Practice MCQ for UMAT UCAT

Win access to UMAT Ready MCQ bank!

Win access to UMAT® Exam Ready MCQ bank!

Our 1000+ MCQ Bank utilises cutting edge web education technology in performance tracking, topic targeting and integrated feedback systems. Firstly, the MCQs are ...

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