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GAMSAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Medical School Interview

Preparing for Medical School Interview

It’s that strange time of year. The rush of the GAMSAT is over, you’ve just submitted your GEMSAS and other medicine applications, and now what? The wait for interview offers and ...

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How to Choose a Medical School in Australia

Choosing Your Medical School: A Breakdown

There are now 13 universities in Australia that students can choose from when applying to graduate medical school. Post-GAMSAT Exam, many of us will be overcome with a huge sense of relief, of a large weight lifted off o...

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The importance of teamwork in building a medical portfolio

There's no I in team: Tips for portfolio schools

Teamwork is a vital skill to not only discuss in the portfolio-based application processes, but also in medical practice. Often you will be working in healthcare teams as a medical doctor, and all decision making will be...

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Application process for medical schools
Medical School Entry

Medical Applications Guide

The medical school application process is both a stressful and confusing time in t...

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Online GAMSAT Exam Format
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

So the GAMSAT Exam is Online - What does this mean?

Clearly, the world is a very different place these days. Uni, work (for some), exercise, and even socialising have now all moved online, and of course, there’s the ...

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GP Placement

Lessons from a GP Placement

Most medical students who’ve done a bit of time in their clinical years can probably remember a placement where they were sat in a corner hour after hour almost completely ignored by the healthcare staff around the...

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