How to prepare for the GAMSAT :
GAMSAT Study Syllabus

The GAMSAT ® exam is a comprehensive examination of all your reasoning and problem solving skills, and likely covers more content than you have ever been tested on before in a single occasion. This makes it essential to have a GAMSAT ® Study Syllabus that covers all the areas you need to prepare for, and also to organise your study in a way that will allow you to learn all this in an efficient manner. Each section tests fundamentally different content and skills, meaning a one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to be successful. At GradReady, we’re here to help by providing you with a free GAMSAT ® Study Guide that summarises all the key information you need to know to ace the GAMSAT ® exam.

  1. GAMSAT ® Study Syllabus
  2. Using the GAMSAT ® Study Syllabus
  3. Preparing for the GAMSAT ®
  4. Further Preparation Materials

GAMSAT Study Syllabus

Our GAMSAT ® Study Syllabus is a brief overview of the GAMSAT ® exam and how to approach it. It can be accessed for free through the below link. You can use it to kickstart your study, to check off topics as you go, and to get some insight into organising and managing your preparation.

You can also access our more detailed week-by-week GAMSAT ® Study Guide by signing up for our free trial here: GAMSAT ® Free Trial. Our Free Trial includes a complete breakdown of the GAMSAT ® Syllabus, 50 free MCQs as well as a wealth of other preparation materials to help you kickstart your preparation.

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Using the GAMSAT Study Syllabus

This Study Syllabus to help guide you in your GAMSAT ® Preparation and also acts as a GAMSAT ® checklist as it describes and summarises the recommended content for each section and provides study tips from our expert tutors on how to tackle each part of the GAMSAT ® exam.

GradReady’s GAMSAT ® Study Guide will help you in gaining an overview of the GAMSAT ® exam and its core components and is a useful tool in planning your preparation. To make the best use of it, you should also ensure to do the following:

  1. Have a solid GAMSAT ® Study Plan in place.

    Time management and studying efficiently is a core skill to doing well in the GAMSAT ® . Getting into a steady routine is vital in managing your preparation, reducing stress, and improving performance. For example, planning ahead gives you more direction over your study, so that you always know whether you are on track, and what you need to study when you sit down at your desk for the day. To help you with this, we have created a free GAMSAT ® Study Schedule which provides a framework and some key checkpoints along your study journey.

  2. Thoroughly understand the GAMSAT ® and each of its sections

    The GAMSAT ® exam tests many different areas, so it is important to have a thorough knowledge of what exactly you will be assessed on. While this GAMSAT ® Study checklist gives you an insight into the GAMSAT ® exam, it is only an overview of the process. To learn more about the GAMSAT ® exam, you can read our comprehensive guides for each Section:

    1. GAMSAT ® Section 1: How to Prepare
    2. GAMSAT ® Section 2: How to Prepare
    3. GAMSAT ® Section 3: How to Prepare

Preparing for the GAMSAT

Do I need to study for the GAMSAT ® ?

You may have heard that the GAMSAT ® ‘cannot be studied for’, or that it only tests your general intelligence meaning there is no point in preparing. However, a review of more than 50 academic studies of over 130,000 participants finds that in general, preparation improves performance on any test. In the context of the GAMSAT ® exam, this is the case because:

  1. It is important to become familiar with the concepts tested. Although the exam focuses on your reasoning skills, you still need to know the vast amount of knowledge involved in order to apply these skills.
  2. You will learn to become familiar with the exam and how to approach it. Being familiar with the exam, its format, and common pitfalls will always put you in a better position than going into it ‘blind’. Having a solid exam strategy is key to achieving a great score.
  3. Preparing puts you in a better mental state for the exam. The more trial runs you have, the more confident and calm you will be, and the better you will perform.

Quick tips to acing the GAMSAT Exam

  1. Make studying an active process

    When learning new content, focus on asking questions, putting information in context, and summarising information. Then, revisit the material periodically and test yourself regularly. One of the biggest pitfalls students encounter is simply passively reading information, which they are likely to forget immediately.

  2. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

    Spending all your time on chemistry doesn’t help you much if you are already a science whiz but can’t write an essay within the allotted time. Before you start spending a lot of time on studying anything, assess whether it will actually help you do better on the exam. Use our GAMSAT ® Study Guide to get a quick overview of the various areas in the exam.

  3. Never lose sight of your goal

    You don’t need to know what score or university you want, but it is helpful to have some perspective of why you are sitting the exam. You most likely want to get into a study program that leads into a healthcare field that you are passionate about. Having this goal somewhere (and tangible reminders of it) to refer back to in tough times will help keep you on track.

Further Preparation Materials

  1. Free GAMSAT Preparation Materials

    The most comprehensive library of free GAMSAT Preparation materials available.

  2. Understanding your GAMSAT ® Results

    Covers everything you need to know about your GAMSAT ® Results - How the scoring works, result release dates and even GAMSAT ® score cutoffs.

  3. How to study for the GAMSAT ® Exam

    A breakdown of how to approach study effectively and how to set up a GAMSAT ® study schedule

  4. How to prepare for GAMSAT ® Section 1

    An overview of what to expect in Section 1 of the GAMSAT ® Exam, how to prepare for the Reasoning and Humanities questions.

  5. How to prepare for GAMSAT ® Section 2

    An overview of what to expect in Section 2 of the GAMSAT ® Exam, how to prepare and how to perfect your essay technique.

  6. How to prepare for GAMSAT ® Section 3

    An overview of what to expect in Section 3 of the GAMSAT ® Exam and how to prepare for each of the topics - Biology, Chemistry, & Physics.

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    • 50 Free MCQs
    • Week-By-Week Study Guide
    • Complete Session 3 Topic List
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