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Free GAMSAT Events - March 2020 GAMSAT Exam

by , 25 November, 2019
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Planning on sitting the GAMSAT® exam and not sure how to prepare?

Here at GradReady, we'll be running several free webinars dedicated to the complex world of GAMSAT preparation over the summer before the March 2020 GAMSAT Exam. These online workshops are a must-see for anyone sitting the GAMSAT® exam in the coming year. The speakers at all these sessions will be GradReady GAMSAT® tutors who have personally sat the GAMSAT® exam and most importantly, who have been in your shoes. In addition, more often than not, these tutors will also be medical students themselves.

To find booking information and event details visit our Facebook Page! We'll be running the below events over the summer:

GAMSAT Section 2 Webinar

Visit the Facebook Event here: GradReady GAMSAT Section 2: Online Workshop

This webinar will help you hone your Section 2 Prep.  You’ll learn how to “find the theme”, which will allow you to respond to the stimuli effectively. To combat the immense time pressure of the GAMSAT Exam, you'll also learn how to plan an essay structure in a short timeframe and we’ll cover the steps to writing a high-scoring essay by walking you through a marked essay!

You can find our past webinars here:

GAMSAT Section 1: Online Workshop
GAMSAT Section 3: Online Workshop


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