Enrolment, Payment and Refund Policy

How do I enroll into a GAMSAT® exam Ready course?

First, you need to register an account with the Grad Ready website. You can do this by clicking on Login in the upper right corner of the webpage then register with your details. Once logged in, click on Enrol Now found on the menu and select your course of interest. Underneath the settings tab found in the right column, is a link entitled "Enroll me in this course." Clicking this will direct you to purchasing access to the course via a Paypal link.

Is there a group discount available?

A 15% group discount is available, when you enroll as a part of a group of 3 or more. The discount can be applied for any combination of courses (except Starter, Custom, or upgrades). For example, the 3 members of the group sign up to Online, Attendance and Complete Care courses respectively - all 3 members are eligible to receive 15% discount for their own respective courses.

To receive the discount:

  1. Sign up to the appropriate course as per usual
  2. Submit a ticket through the Contact Us page with the following information - only 1 member of the group needs to do so

a) The names of the people in your group. Note that if have paid via Paypal, then you need to email through the name as it appears on your Paypal receipt. This means that if your parent has paid for you, please provide their name, not your own.

b) The method of payment for each group member. Ie. Paypal/Credit Card or Bank Transfer
If a group member has paid via bank transfer, please include their bank details in the ticket message. 

c) Date of enrollment for each group member.

Note that the above steps needs to be completed within 7 days of the first sign up in your group. For example, if group member 1 enrolls on the 1st of October, the rest of the members needs to enroll and the ticket must be sent by the 7th of October.

Example of what your email should look like:

Joe Jackson - Paypal - Oct 1st

John Tang - Bank Transfer - Oct 3rd

Romi Papadakis - Paypal - Oct 5th

Nikhil Verma - Paypal - Oct 6th

Once we have confirmed that everyone have signed up, we will process the discount as a partial refund.

Is there a discount for referring a friend?

Yes there is. Invite a friend to enroll in a course, after you have signed up, and you’ll both receive a discount when they join!

Once you’re successfully enrolled, you will receive a unique discount code. If a friend uses this discount code (applied at checkout) to enroll, they will receive 10% off the cost of their course and you will receive a 5% discount off the total cost of your course. You will be notified via email when this occurs and we will subsequently process and refund the appropriate amount within 7 business days. Your discount code can also be found in your ‘Past Purchases’.

This unique discount code can be used multiple times and each time you will receive the same 5% discount off the total cost of your course i.e. you will receive a total of a 15% discount off the price of your course if three friends enroll using your code. This means if twenty friends sign up through your link, you will receive your course for free! You will receive no further discount after this point.

Note this discount does not apply if your referred friend enrolls in a custom course (or if they make a purchase addon) which means if they apply your unique discount code in such a scenario neither of you will receive a discount. If you are facing issues with refunds feel free to get in touch with us via our issue ticketing system found on the Dashboard.

Can discounts be combined?

No, discounts cannot be combined.

What is the Refund Policy?

In order to initiate a refund request as per any of the below refund categories, please send an email to

Upgrades, Starter, Custom and Online Courses

The purchases of upgrades, Stater, Custom and 'Online' packages are final and non-refundable.


Attendance Courses

Partial refunds are available for all packages containing a 'Live Component' until 7 days prior to enrollment closure. For example, if enrollment closes on the 25th, you need to request a partial refund by 11:59pm on the 18th at the latest.

The refunded amount for such a course will be the difference in price between the course with 'Live Component' and the price of equivalent online only variant, less a $50 administration fee. The exception to this is the 'Attendance Comprehensive + Private Tutoring' course where the refunded amount will be the same amount as if you were requesting a refund for the 'Attendance Comprehensive Course'.

This partial refund refunds the 'Live Component' of the course meaning you will be ineligible to attend our live taught classes. in the case of the 'Attendance Comprehensive + Private Tutoring' course, you still the retain the ability to organise private tutoring session. You will still retain access to all online components of the course post refund. All online features expire the day after the upcoming March GAMSAT® exam.


InterviewReady Courses

Partial refunds are available for InterviewReady packages until 7 days prior to enrollment closure. For example, if enrollment closes on the 25th, you need to request a partial refund by 11:59pm on the 18th at the latest.

Refunded amount will be the full amount paid less a $150 administration fee and access to online material up to the date of refund.

May I be transferred to another Live Course after I've signed up?

Yes, if it is more than 7 days prior to enrollment closure. For example, if enrollment for your course closes on the 25th, you need to request a transfer by 11:59pm on the 20th at the latest. You may transfer between courses of different dates, e.g. from a January course to a February course, or between courses of different locations, e.g. from a Sydney to a Melbourne course.

May I transfer my purchases to one of my friends?

There are several scenarios to consider here.

Firstly, transfer is not allowed for any online material, which impact the all online and custom courses, as well as the online component of live courses.

Secondly, transfer is allowed for the live component of the live courses, given that the request is made more than 7 days prior to enrollment closure and that the new student purchases the corresponding online course. In this scenario, a $50 administration fee is also payable.

Thirdly, transfer is also allowed for the Live Exam Day, given that you had purchased it separately through the Custom course (i.e. you cannot transfer the Live Exam Day to another student if it came as a part of a package) and that the request is made more than 7 days prior to the Live Exam Day. A $50 administration fee is payable.

With InterviewReady courses, transfers to friends will be allowed, up to 7 days prior to enrollment closure, for a fee of $150 to cover admin fees, online video access to date and printed material.

May I attend Mock Exam and Recap Days in a city other than the city where the course is held?

Yes, as long as Mock Exam and Recap Days are available in the city in question. We understand that many students attend university in a city other than their usual city of residence. You simply need to inform your operations manager of this issue at the time of registration.

If I miss classes, may I attend the same classes in a later course?

We have a set of interactive live webinar classes, covering the same content and where you are able to ask questions as you would during a live class, available multiple times a year. You may attend these online classes if you were to miss any of the in-person sessions.

Attendance in the in-person sessions at later dates will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. One of our core beliefs is that the student-teacher interaction afforded by a small class size is invaluable to learning. As such, we are compromising on quality, every time we insert an unplanned student into a class.


Therefore, in the event of such requests, we implement a strict review process. To submit a case for review, you need to provide to your local manager, in writing, a detailed description of your situation. Your local manager will then provide this material to another party for a second review. You will be informed of the decision in no more than 48 hours.


For how long is my subscription valid?

All subscriptions are valid until the date of the upcoming March GAMSAT® exam, after which the subscription and all associated features will expire (although there is an extension option, as below). This is inline with the standard practice of many world wide major test providers. From a practical point of view, we update our material and online systems yearly - there may be a period of planned web portal down time/other disruptions between post the March GAMSAT® exam to middle of June.

The policy applies to all courses, including UK GAMSAT® exam courses. For example, if you sign up to an UK GAMSAT® exam in April, it will expire after the March GAMSAT® exam the follow year.

If you wish to take our course again within 24 months, you will receive a 25% discount for all GAMSAT® exam products (the discount does not apply to InterviewReady courses). Note that the discount will NOT be valid, if the initial course you had signed up for was Custom or Starter. This discount will be automatically applied to your cart when you go through the enrollment process - Just ensure that you are logged into your account first.

Can I extend my online subscription?

Yes. You will be able to extend your online access for all content until the coming September UK GAMSAT® exam. However, since we update our material and online systems yearly - there may be a period of planned web portal down time/other disruptions between post the March GAMSAT® exam to middle of June. Usually there will not be significant, if any, complete portal down time.

By extending the course, you are accepting the possibility of some disruptions between post the March GAMSAT® exam to middle of June.

Price for extension for all packages are $187 (GST inclusive), except for Custom and Starter courses. Please contact to extend your course and pricing for extending Custom and Starter courses.

Note that you can NOT extend subscription until the next March GAMSAT® exam. If you wish to do so, please reenrol and apply for the 25% discount.

What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 10% tax levied by the government on the sale of most goods and services in Australia. Course price is displayed separately from GST to clearly convey the monetary amount available to the development, operation and maintenance of the various aspects of the courses. Displaying GST separately also informs overseas students the opportunity to save on the 10% tax, should the student choose to consume the content while overseas. For more information, please contact:

I wish to retake a GAMSAT® exam Ready course - do I receive a discount?

Yes. You will receive a 25% discount for all GAMSAT® exam Ready products, if you have previously purchased any GAMSAT® exam Ready packages (except the Custom or the Starter packages). Similarly, you will receive a 10% discount on InterviewReady products.

This discount will automatically be applied to your cart when you enroll in a new course. 

Please note the following points, before you re-enroll:

You WILL be able to make new essay submissions/the essays will be "refreshed"

All the online content will be the same, plus our yearly content updates - you will be able to reattempt all the Online Exams and so forth.

Will I receive a discount for InterviewReady, if I had purchased GAMSAT® exam Ready products?

Yes. You will receive a 10% discount, if you previously purchased any GAMSAT® exam Ready products. This discount will automatically be applied to your cart.

I want to guarantee my place for Interview Ready, but I do not yet have my Interview offer. What can I do?

You are able to secure a spot in our Interview Ready course before receiving an interview offer and be eligible for a full refund in the situation that you do not receive an interview offer. However, in order to be eligible for this, the following steps and conditions MUST be adhered to and met. This strict policy is to enable us to make proper plans for staffing and room bookings.

1.Purchase your preferred Interview Ready course

2.Send an email to with the following subject line: [Interview Ready GR Prepayment] - . This step MUST be completed within 24 hours of your purchase of the course. Please include your GAMSAT® exam score, GPA as well as the universities you have applied to (e.g. GEMSAS universities and the University of Sydney) in the body of your email.

3.In the event of a no-offer, notify us of your intention to withdraw due to not receiving an interview offer. Send this email to with the following subject line: [Interview Ready GR No-Offer] - . Include in your email proof of being declined an interview offer as well as your bank details. This step MUST be completed within 48 hours of you being declined an interview offer.

4.If all above steps and conditions are met we will issue you a full refund. No administration fee will be charged.

Please note that in the event that not ALL above conditions are met, our regular refund policy prevails. All purchases of the IR Online (Essentials) course is final and non refundable.

If you are concerned about enrolling in the course and then receiving an interview that happens to take place before our live course dates (this is a rare situation), please :

1.Follow steps 1-3 above. The only change is to the title of the email to send us if you receive an interview offer that is before our live course dates. The subject line should be : [Interview Ready GR Early-Interview] - .

2.If all above steps and conditions are met, we will issue a partial refund of the live courses which will be the difference in price between the IR course with 'Live Component' and the price of the IR Online (Essentials) course. The purchase of the IR Online (Essentials) course is final and non refundable.

How much does postage cost?

Postage and handling is $19 (includes 10% GST) within Australia, $59 (includes 10% GST) for delivery to New Zealand, $69 (includes 10% GST) to Asia, and $99 (includes 10% GST) to rest of the world.

Can I reschedule my private tutoring sessions?

Yes, if you have given the tutor at least 7 days of notice. You will not be able to cancel booked sessions that are due within 7 days, and you will not be able to book sessions that are less than 7 days away.

Am I able to pay in installments/a deposit to reserve a place?

Yes, all course fees (except for any Custom course/add on purchases) can be split into 3 equal payments between sign up date and Feb 1st/first day of the live course, whichever one is earlier. To arrange a payment plan, complete registration as per usual, but selecting Bank Transfer as payment method. Then contact to set up a payment plan.

Online access is given after the 1st payment is received. Note that your Online access will be disabled should any of your payment be > 3 days late as defined by your payment plan. Once online access is given, our usual Refund Policy applies.

If I can't attend a certain day of the live course or don't want certain a feature in a package, may I swap for something else or get a partial refund?

No. Unfortunately the packages' basic structures are locked and cannot be altered in any way. However, you do have the option to purchase only specific features through our Custom course option.

If you were to miss the Mock Exam and Recap Days, you can be sent the Exam Paper but NOT the answers. You may also scan the written essays and send them in for marking. Note that you do NOT need to attend the Mock Exam and Recap Days in the same city as the live course, if your studies require you to be in a different city in March.

Can I upgrade to a new course after enrollment?

Yes. After you enroll, you are able to upgrade your course provided that you pay the difference in price. For example, if you purchase an 'Online' course, you are able to upgrade to an 'Attendance' based course at a later date. (Please note that you may not receive the early bird price and 'attendance' upgrades are subject to spots in the classes being available.)

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