Our Strategy

Avoid information overload. Foster interest. Provide assistance from high quality GAMSAT ® tutors.
Leverage online technologies. Provide real-time feedback. Continually refine processes.
Provide multi-modal learning formats. Emphasize practice questions. Give students perspectives.
Provide many learning options. Allow flexible exploration. Encourage innovative approaches.
Make classes small. Dedicate time to interact. Instil question-answer thinking.

On average, 3 years in a row , GradReady students improved their scores by at least 24 percentile points after taking a GradReady course

Over 1000 students , for each of the past 3 years , trust GradReady with one of the most important exams of their career

How are Grad Ready GAMSAT ®
Courses Different?

High Engagement

We believe in the value of classroom interaction and learning through understanding and application rather than rote. We put basic concepts in video form, allowing our dedicated tutors to focus on teaching you how to apply what you learned, and to understand the reasoning behind difficult concepts. In addition, by spreading the material over 3 weeks, we give you the opportunity to reflect upon and digest the information - which is vital to effective learning.

Targeted Learning

A key to effective learning is knowing how to identify and work on your weaknesses. Unlike traditional paperback MCQ banks, our Online MCQ System tracks your performance and identifies your weaknesses. Then, using our Cross Referencing system, you can easily locate the appropriate material to help you in your trouble areas. Finally, our expert GAMSAT ® tutors will teach you a range of approaches and critical reasoning skills that get results.

Effective Online Tools

The technology we use in our GAMSAT ® prep courses creates a smooth and integrated learning experience that is the first of its kind in Australia. Not only can you easily identify your weaknesses, you have all the specific resources - neatly organized and indexed - at your fingertips. Whether it is specific videos, targeted MCQs, or GAMSAT ® tutor advice, accessing what you need has never been this easy.

History of GradReady - GAMSAT ® Exam Ready


GradReady was founded in 2010 by a group of University of Melbourne medical students. Our original aim was to help students in their GAMSAT ® (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) Preparation. We found existing GAMSAT ® exam preparation courses to be overly didactic, inattentive to differing student needs, and lacking in online tools.

Using our experience in education and IT, and leveraging the expertise of former lecturers at University of Western Australia and University of Otago, we founded GradReady, an education provider that is in sync with evolving educational philosophies.

By the end of 2014, our first program-GAMSAT ® Ready - had become the most widely used GAMSAT ® exam preparation course with over 1000 students each year. Moreover, we were able to help our students achieve many milestones, including an average rise in percentile ranking of 25 percentage points and 90% medical school admission rate for our 2015 InterviewReady Students.

The GAMSAT ® Ready tuition team consists of successful current medical students, former university level lecturers and PhD candidates, with some of our GAMSAT ® tutors being a combination of 2 or even 3 of these. In addition, all tutors have had extensive teaching experience, and were hand-picked for their engaging teaching style and superb ability to explain difficult concepts. To get to know our tutors a little more, please click on "Meet the Team" below.

Meet the Team