GAMSAT Preparation Textbook 2019

Introducing GradReady’s Updated 2019 Comprehensive GAMSAT ® Textbook

Introducing GradReady’s 2019 GAMSAT ® Textbook! Combining all the content you need to know for the Humanities, Biology, Chemistry and Physics components of the GAMSAT ® Exam in a single neat package, our GAMSAT ® Textbook not only breaks down all the foundational knowledge you need for the GAMSAT ® Exam, it provides you with a framework of study and exam tips to help you develop your GAMSAT ® MCQ Strategy.

Distilled from 8+ years of experience in the GAMSAT ® exam field and helping 6000+ students achieve statistically significant score improvements over the course of the years, the GradReady GAMSAT ® Preparation Textbook offers a comprehensive set of information needed for success in the GAMSAT ® exam. Together with GradReady’s industry leading algorithmic based online adaptive-learning system and Australia wide live courses, the GradReady GAMSAT ® Preparation Textbook is set out to bring out the best in your abilities.

Updated 2019 Edition - Features

The GradReady GAMSAT ® Textbook allows you to build the foundation upon which you can begin to develop your GAMSAT ® Exam Strategy. The latest update takes into account changes with the GAMSAT ® Exam and the recent emphasis on reasoning and graphical skills for Section 3.

Our GAMSAT ® Textbook also contains 48 Example GAMSAT ® Essays and a detailed Essay Writing Guide to give you an idea of the expected standard and help you avoid common errors.

Furthermore, our online GAMSAT ® Textbook is now also completely mobile friendly – In fact, our entire Online LMS is now mobile-friendly, allowing you to study and read on the go without having to carry around a heavy textbook! For those of you who like the feel and weight of a physical book, don’t despair, we also still ship physical copies.

The GradReady GAMSAT ® Textbook is not just mobile-friendly, it’s also completely integrated with the rest of our online learning resources. For students with access to our 4000+ Intelligent MCQ Bank and Online Exams, you can access the relevant chapters with the click of a button. Stuck on a Waves and Optics Physics MCQ? Can’t remember a particular concept you need to answer a question? You can immediately access the relevant chapters of our textbook as well as the relevant course videos with the click of a button.

The GradReady GAMSAT ® Textbook is an integral and integrated part our the GradReady learning experience – Everything you need to know for the exam and cross-referenced with all our online MCQs and exams so you can find what you need with the click of a button.

Product Details

Softcover book: 1200 pages

Publisher: GradReady Pty Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-6484459-0-6

Product Dimensions: 28 x 22 x 4 cm

Shipping Weight: 3 kg

Publication Date: 2018

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