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GAMSAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Preparing and planning for the GAMSAT exam
Exam Tips

When should I start studying for the GAMSAT?

If you’re asking yourself now: ‘When should I start studying for the GAMSAT?’ then you’ve already taken the correct first step. The GAMSAT seems to be getting increasingly difficult, increasingly ...

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GAMSAT Study Tips
Exam Tips

5 GAMSAT Study Tips to help you Succeed

For a lot of people, the idea of studying for and sitting the GAMSAT is daunting, and sometimes it’s even just knowing what to do and where to start that is the biggest hurdle. When I studied for the GAMSAT, someth...

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How hard is the GAMSAT
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

How Hard is the GAMSAT Exam?

Applying for medical school is no doubt an arduous journey, and for most people, the greatest hurdle along the way is the dreaded GAMSAT exam. But really, how hard is the GAMSAT?

Those wh...

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Information on how to predict admission to a medical school based on GPA and GAMSAT score
Medical School Entry

What GPA do I need to get into Med School?

Firstly, if you are ...

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Medical School Places

Medical school place types and changes to the bonded schemes

One of the points of confusion that emerged from one of GradReady Admissions Q&A sessions in the past was the difference between the various place types. This blog p...

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5 Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad
Medical School Entry

5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Most of us will have to face the big question whether to spend some time abroad or not. Maybe you’re scared to be lonely or that your friendships won’t be the same after you have returned. Whatever the r...

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