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Free GAMSAT Seminar Gradready

FREE Chat With a Med Student Seminar

GradReady is holding several free workshops dedicated to the complex world of medical school admissions. We will only hold these seminars if there is sufficient interest, so please spread the word and invite...

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ESL student GAMSAT
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Medicine for ESL students

Medicine is a thoroughly competitive field of study, and it doesn’t get much easier once you get entrance in to med school. The options for specialisation and further study are endless. So what does th...

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GAMSAT exam early preparations
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Is it really that far away?

Sadly, the answer to the title of this blog is no, no it isn’t. Although GAMSAT 2017 is probably just a recent, possibly traumatic, memory, the next iteration of this legendary exam is really not far a...

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GAMSAT preparations from a different perspective
Exam Tips

Time to Change the Script

GAMSAT® Exam essay writing asks its students to be alert to many different stimuli to write a thought provoking and insightful essay. These can be world events, upcoming elections...

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Making the most of your time at Uni
Life Hacks

Making the most of your time at university

Attending university is so much more than earning a degree. Every now and then I look on nostalgically at the campus grounds that are thriving with undergraduate barbeques, jumping castles, societies, and ev...

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GAMSAT humanities essay tips
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

What to read for the Humanities section of the GAMSAT® exam

As the GAMSAT® exam gets closer and closer, you may be wondering whether or not you are studying the right things, in the right way. For many students, the Humanities section of the GAMSAT® exam can ...

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