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What are my options for studying medicine if I have a low GPA?

What are My Options for Studying Medicine If I Have a Low GPA?

So, you’re applying for medicine but feel dragged down by a low Grade Point Average (GPA)? You’re not alone. Getting into graduate medicine is amazingly difficult, with far more applicants than t...

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Becoming a doctor in Australia

How to Become a Doctor in Australia

This blog will address the difficult question of how to become a doctor in Australia. The short answer is with a lot of hard work, stress, and difficulty! What will be detailed here is a brief overview of th...

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Information on how to predict admission to a medical school based on GPA and GAMSAT score

What GPA do I need to get into Med School?

Firstly, if you are contemplating this question, it probably means that you’ve successfully completed the GAMSAT®. Congratulate yourself on this! Surviving the torturous r...

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Common pitfalls in the GAMSAT® exam
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Common pitfalls that students make in the GAMSAT

The GAMSAT® exam is no simple feat. It requires stamina, and tests very different skills from your standard undergraduate exams. Many people sit the GAMSAT&...

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Now the GAMSAT's Done - What Can I Do?

What can I do after the GAMSAT Exam?

I’ve just sat the GAMSAT®, now what? I remember well the announcement that the GAMSAT® exam time had elapsed. It was like a wave of relief hit me but I was also accompanied by a huge f...

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5 Tips for MMI Interviews

5 Tips to Help You Ace the MMI Interviews

Hello everyone! At this time of year, you are likely thinking about how to prepare for the ...

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