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Updated GAMSAT Courses

Updated GradReady 2020 GAMSAT Courses

Looking to start your prep for the March 2020 GAMSAT Exam?

We’re proud to announce that we’re updating our GAMSAT® Preparation Courses to align with t...

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GAMSAT tutor
Exam Tips

What can a GAMSAT tutor do for me?

The GAMSAT exam is an extremely difficult and high-pressured event and requires months of preparation. Unfortunately, every year it is getting increasingly more challenging to achieve a score on this test that will allow...

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Working full time and studying for GAMSAT
Exam Tips

Working full-time and studying for GAMSAT

Studying for the GAMSAT is tough enough, but it is even harder when you have other crucial commitments that you have to keep alongside. One of those major commitments that many of us face is the necessity to work—e...

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Managing time in the GAMSAT exam
Exam Tips

Managing time in the GAMSAT Exam

When I sat the GAMSAT, my biggest concern was GAMSAT timing. Not just staying alert and focused for the whole five-and-a-half-hour exam (which stretches out to a much longer day), but also figuring out how I was going to...

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Common pitfalls students make in the GAMSAT exam
Exam Tips

Common pitfalls that students make in the GAMSAT

The GAMSAT exam is no simple feat. For many people, months and months of study and apprehension all build up to create a storm of content-overload and anxiety on exam day, often leading to poor performance and ultimately...

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Preparing for Multiple Mini Interviews

5 Common MMI Mistakes to Avoid

Medical school interviews are right around the corner! Most of the ‘GAMSAT Consortium’ univer...

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