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Humanities Essays Tips GAMSAT
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Tips For Refining Your Humanities Essay

Just as in university assignments, there is always room for improvement in most GAMSAT® exam humanities essays. The list of improvements can sometimes feel endless, especially as essays begin to improve and...

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Life at Med School
Medical School Entry

What I Learned in One Year at Med School

It’s been just over a year since I ran away to join the circus in Brisbane (aka Medical School). I’ve learnt lots of thin...

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Interview Tips Post-GAMSAT

I Just Sat the GAMSAT, What Now?

First things first, congratulations. You’ve got that out of the way and that is no mean feat. In terms of the first thing to do - relax for a bit. Give yourself some down time. One of the best things you could...

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Avoiding Procrastination and Studying
Study Tips

Not another year of procrastination

We all know what it’s like. We start back at uni and we think to ourselves “This year, this year will the year I’m effective. The year I don’t procrastinate and idle away my time.” But&...

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GAMSAT Essay Section 2 Tips
Exam Tips

An Alternative Approach to the GAMSAT Essay

Expecting future medical students to also be wordsmiths can be a big ask. However, Section 2 of the GAMSAT® Exam<...>

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Medical anthropology

How about Medical Anthropology?

How many times have you come across television sitcoms or visited a GP in Australia or internationally, and there has been some form of cultural misunderstanding? This has happened ...

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