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UMAT® UCAT Preparation Courses
Exam Tips

Why should I take a UMAT preparation course?

Why should I take a UMAT® Exam preparation course?

Would you go into anything unprepared?


Everyone has told me you ‘can&rsquo...

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UMAT® UCAT exam results
Australian Medicine

UMAT Results: How, What and When?

UMAT® Exam Results: How, What and When?

How is your score in the UMAT® Exam calculated?

While ACER has...

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Choosing between UMAT UCAT and GAMSAT


UMAT® Exam vs GAMSAT® Exam: Which One Is Right For Me?

With so many people interested in attaining spots in medicine courses, there is no one pathway for entry which...

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Tips for the day you take the UMAT UCAT exam
UCAT® Exam Tactics

On the day of the UMAT

On The Day of the UMAT® Exam

So you've finally made it to the big day... the day of the UMAT® Exam exam! But what now? Here are some tips to stop you from joinin...

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Life as a medical student
Australian Medicine

A week in the life of a Medical Student

A week in the life of a medical student

When you’re seeking entry into medicine, it can become quite consuming and it is hard to look to the future because it can be so uncertai...

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Preparation for UMAT UCAT in between studies
Exam Tips

How do I fit UMAT Preparation into my studies?

How do I fit UMAT® Exam Preparation into my studies?

For most prospective doctors, pursuing the medical profession can feel like a long-term calling rather...

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