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UCAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Tips to prepare for UMAT UCAT exam early
UCAT® Exam Tactics

Are You Sitting the 2017 UMAT Exam? Start Doing These Things NOW!

The UMAT® Exam is not for another couple of months, so it is tempting to leave your study and preparation for the school term. However, when Year 12 starts, things will quickly become overwhelming and it is easy t...

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Considering Anaesthetist Specialty

When I Grow Up - Anaesthetist

As we've discussed in this series of specialty pathway articles, it’s never too early to start casting an eye towards your future career choice. This is not only important to shine some light on the end of a...

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Considering Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialties

When I Grow Up – Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

It’s time to talk about one of my favourite specialties in medicine…obstetrician/gynaecologist! Now I know most of you might be busy trying to get into one of the medic...

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Why I chose to be a doctor

Why I chose to be a doctor! - Millennial Scholarship Winner Blog

My desire to enter the medical profession comes after deliberation and personal experience which has enabled me to make an informed choice founded upon good judgment as opposed to any fanciful whim offered by a romantic ...

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Resourcefulness, ingenuity and initiative for success

Resourcefulness, ingenuity and initiative - Millennial Scholarship Winner Blog

Throughout my life there have been numerous experiences that have completely changed the lens I see the world through. Instances in which I’ve had to use resourcefulness, ingenuity and initiative to succeed. In 201...

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Managing stress during UMAT UCAT exam preparations
Exam Tips

Three Quick Ways to Manage your UMAT Stress Right Now

I’m not going to lie. Preparing for the UMAT® Exam can be pretty stressful. Practicing those questions, building your focus and managing your time for this test can sometimes become pretty overwhelming.

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