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UCAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Benefits of having UMAT UCAT Tutors
UCAT® Exam Tactics

Do You Need a UMAT Tutor?

When we don’t understand something at school, or when we want to improve but don’t know how, we consider getting a tutor – and the same goes for the UMAT® Exam.
Some people will go through th...

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Apps to help with UMAT UCAT preparations
Exam Tips

Cool Apps You Can Use to Enhance Your UMAT Study

One of the great advantages of the modern day is the plethora of technology we have available to assist us in our every day tasks. Whilst these can also be a detriment in their capacity to distract us, the benefits ...

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Preparing for UMAT UCAT Exam
UCAT® Exam Tactics

How I Prepared for the UMAT (And how I learnt the hard way that you should!)

I had always wanted to pursue medicine. In fact, I never even really considered the possibility of anything else, or the prospect of not getting in straight after high school. I knew I had to do well at school,...

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UCAT® Exam Tactics

Three Months Left and not a Minute to Spare.

So the UMAT® exam is only three months away. Twelve weeks. And you might be starting to feel the pinch. Maybe you're beginning to feel the tickle of stress.

Perhaps you have been preparing for...

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Effective Altruism in Medicine

Why Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

Ask yourself, why is it that you want to do medicine? Is it for recognition? Fortune? Or, as is likely the case, a feeling of need to do altruistic good in the world? To this end you may have been told that med...

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UMAT VCE English Scholarship
Medical School Entry

How VCE English Paid for My Degree

So medicine is about biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, right? So why is there such an emphasis in the UMAT® Exam on understanding large blocks of text? It goes without saying really but all of these disciplin...

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