Please answer all questions in this section within in the application form. Number your responses appropriately.

Note that this application is only open to candidates who have had at least 1 year of full time work experience either as a software developer or in a software product management role.


For each of your 2 most recent roles
a) How many people were in your immediate team and in the company overall?
b) what was your role and responsibility within the team? (include any managerial responsibilities if applicable)
c) How long did you stay and why did you move on?

What is your approach to diagnosing the root cause of a software issue observed by a user/customer?

What do you consider to be a weakness in your natural trait (Note: we are not asking about technical/knowledge based issues; we are asking about your personality tendencies)? How did you come to be aware of it and how have you been continually working on it?

Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

In terms of the type of role you were in, to what extent was your performance assessed based on specific targets and what were some of the outcomes of achieving/missing these targets? How long (hours) was the actual typical working week for you?

What do you hope to gain from your time at GradReady and where do you hope to see yourself in 3 years? What drives you?

Are there anything else and yourself that you’d like us to know?