Please answer all questions in this section within in the application form. Number your responses appropriately.

The work with the role will mostly be carried out from your computer, with regular Skype meetings and video messaging. In person presence is only required if the situation demands - e.g. team building


Describe why was personal or team organisation critical in your last job? What methods/processes did you or your team utilise to ensure that details weren't missed while keeping the workload manageable?

a) What methods/tools do you use to forward plan?
b) How do you determine whether you are on track?
c) In cases where you are not on track, what goes through your mind?

How would you describe your previous work environment/boss?

a) What methods do you use to gain a perspective of everything that you COULD be doing to accomplish your goals?
b) What methods do you use to gain a perspective of out of everything that you could be doing, which ones are the most important?

How do you determine if you are working effectively (as opposed to just putting in the hours and patting yourself on the back)?

When you were unable to achieve your goals last time, what did you determine as the root cause?

What have you achieved in your time as a software developer or your time in a product management related role?

Do you have specific management or coordination experience?

What would your expectations from this role and from GradReady be?

Where do you hope to see yourself in 3 years time?