Include the following documents in your application:

1. Cover Letter
- Address it to Human Resources and explain why you would be suitable for this role.
- Please specify in your cover letter which role(s) you wish to apply for

2. Current CV

3. GAMSAT results statement & academic transcript (if applicable)

If you wish to be considered for other positions (e.g. tutor, content developer), re-submit your application for the appropriate position. There is no need to alter your application when submitting it for other subjects.

Please save your documents in .pdf and name your attachments in the following format.
- E.g. 3 James Jones - Cover Letter
- Note to include the title number of this application form in your attachments.


Please answer the below questions.

1) Have you sat the GAMSAT before? If yes, which year & month did you sit the exam?

2) Which role(s) do you wish to be considered for? GAMSAT Content Lead, GAMSAT Area Lead (Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)?

3) Do you have any teaching experience? If yes, please elaborate. Include length of experience and if it is in a group (include size of the group)/individual setting.