Please answer all questions in this section within in the application form. Number your responses appropriately.

1. Do you have any teaching experience? If yes, please elaborate. Include length of experience and if it is in a group (include size of the group)/individual setting.

2. How would you manage a high maintenance student (someone who would like to demand a disproportion large amount of attention from you) during a class setting?

3. If a student does not understand you explanation, what may be some of the causes and what would you do to address the causes?

4. Please input your UCAT Score in the "Other test score" field in the following format, for your Overall (Total), Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning scores and Situational Judgement Band - e.g T: 3100; VR: 800; DM: 750; QR: 750; AR: 800; SJ, Band 1
If you do not have a UCAT score, please state NA