GAMSAT Courses - Attendance (Comprehensive)

On average, 3 years in a row , GradReady students improved their scores by 25 percentile points after taking a GradReady course
Over 1000 students , for each of the past 3 years , trust GradReady with one of the most important exams of their career
On average, Attendance (Comprehensive) GradReady students improved their percentiles from 48th to 74th (Raw Score: 58.5 to 63.9 )

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10 Jan 2016
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Course Description

In this package, we teach you how to reason through and analyse the different question types in the GAMSAT. The Attendance portion of the course will focus on MCQ strategies, understanding and addressing your specific weaknesses, and really delving into the most challenging topics.

In addition you will be able to strengthen your weak points, at your own pace, through our online tutor forum and many hours worth of bite-sized videos.

All online material are immediately available for access after purchase.

On average, Attendance (Comprehensive) GradReady students improved their percentiles from 48th to 74th (Raw Score: 58.5 to 63.9 )

The following Features are Available Immediately After Completion of Payment:

Preparation material

Diagnostics Assessment

Individual value of item: $39 + 10% GST = $43

Use the 60 question test to assess your familiarity of the fundamental concepts covered in the GAMSAT. Your performance will be automatically reported across the 4 subject areas and 26 subtopics. Use this information to guide the focus of your study. Note that this is not diagnostic of your performance in the GAMSAT; the multiple choice questions or Online Exams would better serve that purpose.

6 Online Exams (Essay Not Included)

Individual value of item: $215 + 10% GST = $237

Our online test system mimics the style of the GAMSAT by putting you under real time pressure. The exam results will be automatically broken down according to the applicable topics (from a pool of 43 topics), giving you a precise overview of your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, your performance will automatically be compared to that of other GradReady students, and you will be given your resulting percentile in each section and overall. Other than our Mock Exam Days, this is as close as it gets to the actual GAMSAT.

4000 MCQs (and growing) + Tracking System

Individual value of item: $255 + 10% GST = $281

The GradReady MCQ Bank utilises cutting edge web education technology in performance tracking and topic targeting. The MCQs are categorised into 43 subtopics - our advanced MCQ system not only tracks your performance in each subtopic, it also allows you to create sets of MCQs based on subtopics of your choosing – meaning you can focus on what you need to. In addition, you are able to set the difficulty of the questions, allowing you to tailor the MCQs to your own ability. Explanations are provided for all MCQs. We are adding new questions to the bank every week and stay tuned for additional technology updates throughout the year. There is no limit on the number of times you may reattempt the MCQs. Note that 1500 of the MCQs are a part of Online Exams.

Learning Tools

Quality Assurance System

(Built into our systems)

You are able to provide feedback on everything within the GradReady web system - from MCQs to videos. This means that we can rapidly adapt to your needs.

1000 Page Online Textbook

Individual value of item: $159 + 10% GST = $175

The online textbook comprehensively covers the GAMSAT. It includes sections on overarching strategies (general GAMSAT Strategies and Study Guides), essay writing strategies (9 topics), humanities (6 topics) and all sciences (37 topics).

Supplemental Resources

(Built into our systems)

Access additional documents and resources uploaded by our tutors.

Study Timeline Guide

(included in course book)

To help you navigate through the GAMSAT journey, we have provided a detailed Study Timeline Guide for Section I, Section II and each of the Section III science areas. This guide is included in the Course Book.

Cross Referencing System

(Built into our systems)

To enable you to better tie together resources across platforms, we have introduced the Cross Referencing system where you will to able to match MCQs to precise videos and textbook chapters. So when you get an MCQ wrong, you will now know exactly which videos and notes to review to consolidate your knowledge.

GAMSAT Strategy

(included in course book)

Perform your best by understanding what makes the GAMSAT different to other tests, how to prepare for it and how to deal with high-pressure situations. This guide is included in the Course Book.

Course Videos

Individual value of item: $159 + 10% GST = $175

Humanities - 4 hours

Physics - 3.5 hours

Biology - 7 hours

Chemistry - 7 hours

The videos are broken up into digestible chunks of approximately 10 minutes each. The videos cover all of the fundamental concepts you'll need to know for the GAMSAT and serve as an excellent starting point for your GAMSAT preparation. Go at your own pace, and clarify issues through the GetClarity System. There is no limit on the number of times you may review the videos.

Essay Writing Guide

(included in course book)

In addition to our general essay writing strategies, we provide a detailed 8-step guide to crafting the perfect essay. We also provide analysis on 48 example essays of varying quality, allowing you to understand the characteristics of good and bad essays. In addition, there are 40 sets of quotes for you to use as practise (note that the essays you write here will not be marked). The guide is included in the Course Book.

Targeted 1 on 1 tutor assistance

10 Marked Essays

Individual value of item: $345 + 10% GST = $380

Get personal feedback on your essays within 72 working hours. Experienced essay markers will identify your specific weaknesses and teach you how to improve.

Live component

Attendance Tutorials

Individual value of item: $450 + 10% GST = $495

Humanities - 9 hours

Physics - 7 hours

Biology - 8 hours

Chemistry - 7 hours

Our expert tutors will teach you techniques and concepts by demonstrating their thinking process and working through MCQs with you. Our tutors will also dissect difficult concepts and clarify your specific questions. To reap the full benefits of our Attendance Tutorials, please ensure that you prepare by thoroughly working through all videos prior to class – our tutors will assume that you are familiar with the fundamental concepts covered in the videos.

Mock Exam Day + Mock Exam Day Recap

Individual value of item: $229 + 10% GST = $252

The closest thing to the actual GAMSAT - you will be put under time pressure in a well-simulated test environment. Then our expert tutors will go through all of the MCQs with you the next day and give you personalised feedback on your essays within the week. In addition, your performance will be compared with those by other GradReady students, and you'll be given a percentile in each of the 3 sections and overall.

Interactive Teaching Style

(Built into our systems)

In our small classes of 18, GradReady tutors have plenty of opportunities to clarify your specific queries.

Upgrade options after enrolment:

Learning Tools

Targeted 1 on 1 tutor assistance

Live component

Brian K May 5, 2016

Section II preparation (classes and practice materials were really helpful)

Charles B Apr 28, 2016

Personalised study plans, practice problems and essay topic brainstorming.

Conner B Apr 02, 2016

Gave me a large question base and built on some existing knowledge. The most helpful part was the Mock exam

Nishita D Mar 12, 2016

The essay feedback offered was really helpful as were the online MCQ's.

Wendy Z Mar 08, 2016

Develop better study techniques, and helped me feel a lot more confident leading up to the exam. It was very reassuring to realise that the GAMSAT really was something we could prepare for.

Barry T Feb 21, 2016

GradReady was great for the MCQs and the written essays with feedback. I felt the latter was the most valuable when it came to the feedback

Aaron B Jan 30, 2016

I thought it helped with question preparation and overall concept learning.

Kalyani H Jan 23, 2016

The tutors at the Adelaide live courses were excellent. Also, the online tutors were very prompt in providing feedback.

Avalon M Jan 21, 2016

Pushed me to do more work than I usually do, especially in regard to essay writing.

Jo M Jan 18, 2016

I attended all the live classes, mock exam weekend in addition to the online videos , questions and essay submissions. The practice section one questions were helpful as to the section 3 content for grasping the content basics.

John S Jan 03, 2016

Marked essays were great. Science tutorials consolidated knowledge. Humanities wasn't as useful as there was always contention between the answers even after model answers were released.

Catherine F Dec 28, 2015

It assisted me and encouraged me to practice and improve my essay writing skills. The marked essays were amazing. The mock exam also was great preparation for the real thing, especially for timing purposes. It was also great speaking to the tutors who have been in our position before and had lots of insight to share.

Sue A Nov 15,2015

Some gradready mcq were on the easy side: it would be great to have more questions that reflect the Acer practice questions.

Damien M Nov 12,2015

helped encourage me to just generally study more and prepare earlier. Also helped my essays a lot

Matthew G Oct 31,2015

It gave a broader approach to the topics cover in the gamsat than I had previously experienced. The most valuable part of the prep was the many practice questions available.

Monica V Oct 31,2015

The humanities I feel was the most helpful, along with the chemistry. The humanities MCQ is always difficult, but the essay writing help was fantastic.

Bethany B Oct 31,2015

I found Grad ready face to face tutorials very motivating. Meeting people around you also doing the exam helps and also covering all science content in the first few weeks helped get it out of the way and on to practice questions. I found when I got my mock exam marks back was de-motivating as I was sure I had failed the Gamsat after receiving such bad feedback just prior to the exam. Notheless I found Grad ready to be very helpful and I'm looking forward to the interview course.

Monika C Oct 31,2015

Given more guidance on how to write an essay, not just essay plans

Shana A Oct 31,2015

This was my first time sitting the GAMSAT examination. I feel like GRADReady was very effective in providing us relevant material. I think you guys should definitely have more than one mock exam if its possible.

Neha G Oct 27,2015

Helped with getting my thoughts together for the essays and forced me to prepare essays. The gradready essays were the only essays I prepared before the actual exam.

Daniel D Oct 19,2015

Gradready was good to motivate me to study.

Alisha J Sep 30,2015

Science was my worst section and I am glad I was able to push my score up, which now gives me a chance for UND and UOW

Anonymous Sep 30,2015

I think the biology part needs to be cut down and Chem and physics needs more attention.

Matthew G Sep 30,2015

It gave a broader approach to the topics cover in the gamsat than I had previously experienced. The most valuable part of the prep was the many practice questions available. The layout of the lectures could have been sequentially followed up with questions. This would have helped solidify the information learned.

Shana T Sep 30,2015

This was my first time sitting the GAMSAT examination. I feel like GRADReady was very effective in providing us relevant material that coincided with the standard that we did in the GAMSAT 2015 exam. The writing advice giving to me during the Live sessions helped me greatly. As a science student I did not expect this score.

Anchal S Aug 24,2015

Customised package of the online mcqs which were helpful esp for s3 and the live course which I didn't find as useful

Ryan A July 31,2015

Attended course which was excellent. Book was great.

Sida C July 23,2015

Some of the online videos were useful; good to interact with fellow med school applicants in the live course

Jason H July 14,2015

It helped me a great amount for my writing skills, but section 1 and 3 was a mixed bag

Monica B July 3,2015

The humanities I feel was the most helpful, along with the chemistry. The humanities MCQ is always difficult, but the essay writing help was fantastic.

Batya L July 1,2015

Just the amount of MCQs available was beneficial - especially for S1 - and how it was broken down into subtopics was also very useful in identifying weak areas. The live mock exam I did not find particularly helpful - the s3 questions did not adequately mirror those of the GAMSAT and seemed quite clumsy. The lecture hall the room was written in was also not very comfortable. All in all i found the material/help for section 1 very helpful and for section 3 less so.

Indiana M June 30,2015

good bank of prac q's and essays, however more variety of essays given out would have helped.

Zachary B June 23,2015

GradReady's focus on practicing GAMSAT style questions, in both the live lectures and online material, greatly assisted my ability to interpret and evaluate previously unfamiliar styles of questioning.

Madeline G June 19,2015

The online practice questions were most useful, especially being able to design them yourself.

Demetria Y June 19,2015

Gradready helped me by listing out the topics I needed to know for the gamsat exam, the sheer amount of information was overwhelming and by pacing it out by topics and building upon information was helpful and i could go back down one step if i didnt understand a concept.

Leah S June 11,2015

Provided a good overview of what I needed to study so I could know what to learn also good opportunity to practice questions.

Jess M June 10,2015

essay help was great i felt prepared and far less stressed after all the practice ones

Miriam G June 6,2015

The major way GradReady helped me prepare for the exam was by boosting my confidence. Going over many questions with guidance helped me benefit as much as I could from doing that practice. As an experience, the mock exam was particularly helpful in picking up my confidence. It had a 'desensitizing' effect to the exam setting, which I certainly consider as an advantage since it is not something that could be replicated individually. All in all, these are the things that contributed to me being calm and collected on the day. In addition, the GradReady course gave me a sense of direction. There is an overwhelming number of materials, forums, blogs - you name it - that discuss the GAMSAT and what you need to know and how you should practice. The material covered in the live course and online videos allowed me to prepare adequately for the exam, without getting lost in all of the content, and by providing a structure to my preparation. I am absolutely stoked with my result of 68, especially since it is the first time I have sat the exam. Thank you!

Michael E May 24,2015

Live exam highlighted need to rest in lead up, to maintain energy. This meant I was physically prepared for the testing day. Science notes and online multiple choice helped with familiarity with MCQ types and identify areas of weakness. Meant I was confident in Section 3 of the exam. Online essays gave invaluable feedback & helped tune my writing style.

Alisha J May 7,2015

Science was my worst section and I am glad I was able to push my score up, which now gives me a chance for UND and UOW

Jineel R May 2,2015

GradReady definitely boosted my section 2 score through the feedbacks. I feel it was less useful with section 1- didn't learn much in the live courses and the questions online were different to the actual exam, it focused too much on the tricky ones rather than getting the simple ones straight first. There were some whacky ones in the gamsat which were very different to anything I'd seen. The GAMSAT also focused a lot more on the medical literature and poems written by doctors or life of a doctor etc, such topics were rarely covered in GradReady. Just some constructive feedback, I still was better off with GradReady. Section 3 ws great in learning concepts and the questions were very useful. Most of the tutors were great and ready to help.

John P April 15,2015

Stronger focus on essays and what is expected would have helped

Samantha M April 5,2015

helped me target my weak areas and forced me to work

Sanil B April 3,2015

The variety of questions helped my understanding for each section. The advice given in the lead up to exams was more then encouraging.