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5 Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad

5 Reasons to Study Abroad

by , 01 November, 2018
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Most of us will have to face the big question whether to spend some time abroad or not. Maybe you’re scared to be lonely or that your friendships won’t be the same after you have returned. Whatever the reason you’re hesitating might be – let me tell you something:  it doesn't matter if it's one whole year, a semester or only a few months. It's definitely worth it! If you're not already convinced to go on exchange, keep on reading!

Enhance your CV

Spending some time abroad will really benefit your CV. You have so much more job opportunities waiting for you when you can stand out of the crowd. And even though more and more students want to spend some time abroad - or they even have to do a mandatory semester or internship outside of their home country - it's still going to help you gain international skills and knowledge on how to approach different kinds of situations. No matter where you're going - you will improve your language skills a lot. If you're lucky, you're one of the only students from your home country so you're forced to speak any other language than your mother tongue most of the time. 

Enhance your CV

New friendships

If you're the kind of person that on the one hand really wants to see the world but on the other hand is afraid you’re going to feel lonely or bored - don't worry! You have to imagine that everyone who spends some time abroad at the beginning doesn't know anyone at all. But as you start to meet other exchange and local students at uni events, you'll soon get to know many new people. Those friendships are very likely to stay for a long time, as you have a special connection to the people you meet on your year abroad. Nobody can take this experience away from you. Afterwards you will feel like the whole world is your home. You could literally jump on an airplane and no matter where you're heading to, someone will be happy to see you and chat about the "Good Old Times".

New Friendships

Get to know yourself!

Once you're spending some time alone, you will realise so many things about yourself that you never thought of before. You're not only learning to be more independent because you suddenly have to cook, do laundry, go food shopping - you name it. But also you will see your own culture from a different point of view. Talking to other expats you will soon realise some things about yourself which are very much (or very little) representing the stereotypes of your own culture. You will get more self-confident, reliable and organised. Those are skills that you will definitely benefit from in the future. 

A Home Away from Home

Make the most out of your time abroad! Discover as much of the surrounding as possible. You can easily discover your new home country by bus or train to make it cheaper. Do as the locals do! Try different food, attend traditional events, and expand your horizon. Imagine someday you will come back to a country you can call your second home? Imagine showing it to your parents or children? It will feel exactly the same every time you will come back, which is just amazing in my opinion. 

Plus: Maybe you can cross off some things you put on your bucket list!

Making the most out of your time abroad does not only mean to travel but also join the parties, festivals, pub crawls - just to name a few. Whatever makes you happy! Just make it unforgettable. You won't make your friends at home jealous by telling them about those nights where you stayed in and watched Netflix (though that's definitely nice once in a while!)

Have the best time of your life

I think if you ask anyone who did a year abroad they will tell you it was the best time of their lives. It's like a fresh start, you're probably far away from home, nobody knows you and you're completely on your own in the beginning. Which first sounds like a threat can be the biggest chance of your life! Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone in order to experience something amazing. Believe me, there will be a point in your time abroad when you will realise that you made the right choice, and that it's totally worth it. Appreciate that moment! 

This article was written by Franzi