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University in focus ANU College of Medicine

Australian National University in Focus

by , 29 April, 2016
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University Name: ANU College of Medicine

Location: Canberra

Founded: 1993

Degree: MChD

Entry Pathway(s): GAMSAT® Exam

Enrollment Size: 90


Located in the nation’s capital, ANU offers a unique range of options for those who want to complete a medical degree. Unfortunately all of these options are post-graduate courses and require you to have completed either a two year or three year undergraduate degree. Up until 2014, completion of any of ANUs medical pathways would award you an MBBS, however all graduates have now been given the title of Mediciniae ac Chirurgiae Doctoranda (MChD). Unlike any other university in the country, ANU also offers its students the option to do a double post-graduate degree and therefore graduating as a MChD/PhD. This is the highest joint qualification offered by any Australian university.

The medical program has a total of 90 places available with 64 of them CSP and 26 bonded medical places. These places are not reserved for ANU students and students at any university are capable of applying. Students wanting to undertake the joint degree must have completed an honors research degree. Similarly to the majority of postgraduate medical schools, students who wish to study must complete the GAMSAT® Exam during the final year of the degree. Cut offs vary from year to year, however, it is important to remember that there is a lot of competition for these limited places. Generally the benchmark is around 65 for consideration at ANU. Both GPA and GAMSAT® Exam marks are weighted 50:50 at ANU, after which interviews will be offered. Generally ANU offers around interviews to 270 candidates, meaning that only 1 in 3 will be selected at the interview stage.

ANU does have one unique benefit in terms of undergraduate courses that can be completed before commencing the medical degree. All other postgraduate courses require the completion of a three-year undergraduate degree, whereas ANU will accept a two-year degree as well, provided it is complete by the time of application so that GPA can be calculated. There are no other specific subject pre-requirements, however it is important to note that the GAMSAT® Exam may be difficult if biomedicine or science is not your undergraduate subject. 

The last thing that should be remembered about ANU is its location. Canberra is quite isolated, for those who don’t already live there, making it quite a move for anyone who wishes to study there. The second issue that can come up due to its isolation is its limitations in variability with respect to hospital placements and consequently practical exposure.