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GAMSAT® Courses BBQ Event

Chat with Medical students at free BBQ - GAMSAT Preparation Courses

by , 29 April, 2016
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Ever wondered what’s the life of a medical student really like? Here’s your chance to talk to a few students currently attending your local medical school.

Choosing to be a doctor is a big commitment. At GradReady, we understand that not everyone has the opportunity to get a first hand  account of what it is like to embark on this journey. Therefore, we have arranged a BBQ where you can come and ask some real questions in a relaxed environment.
We will happily talk about whether medical school was what we expected, what do the doctors tells us about their experiences, what are some of the challenges we faced, and anything at all on your mind. The BBQ is provided free of charge.

GradReady is a GAMSAT ® Exam and UMAT ® Exam preparation provider that helps over 1000 students every year and was established in 2010 by medical students at the University of Melbourne. To see the number of students at your University preparing with GradReady, go to link immediately below.

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