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GradReady free interview seminar

FREE Ace the Interview Seminar

by , 24 April, 2017
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GradReady is holding several free workshops dedicated to the complex world of medical school admissions. We will only hold these seminars if there is sufficient interest, so please spread the word and invite your friends! Below are the details of the events.

These workshops are a must-see for anyone applying to study medicine in 2018 or contemplating sitting the GAMSAT® Exam in the coming years. The speaker at the session will be a current medical student and GradReady GAMSAT® Exam tutor, and most importantly, someone who has been in your shoes.

Our second workshop will highlight the ins and outs of the interview process for Australian medical schools (MMI vs Panel vs Group interview), discuss the ideal candidate that medical schools are looking for, outline the type of questions you can expect in a medical school interview, explain how to prepare for your interviews and answer any burning questions you may have about the interview process.


To see specific event dates and locations please follow the appropriate links below:


New South Wales:

University of Sydney:  Free Ace the Interview Seminar at USyd | GradReady 



University of Queensland:  Free Ace the Interview Seminar at UQ | GradReady 


South Australia: 

University of Adelaide / South Australia / Flinders:  Free Ace the Interview Seminar at Uni SA | GradReady 



University of Melbourne:  Free Ace the Interview Seminar at UoM | GradReady 


Western Australia:

University of Western Australia:  Free Ace the Interview Seminar at UWA | GradReady 


Over 1,000 students each year, 3 years in a row, increased their scores by 25 percentile points on average through using GradReady technologies. 

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GradReady is a technology company that helps over 1,000 students each year through Adaptive Learning technologies - we make learning more engaging and efficient. Established in 2010 by medical students at the University of Melbourne, we have grown to operate in 5 cities nationwide.

Throughout the course of this year, we will be bringing even more advanced products to GAMSAT® Exam, UMAT® Exam, VCE® Exam and HSC® Exam. For more information please see: