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Gauging Interest on Free GAMSAT Seminar

Gauging Interest for FREE Medical School Admissions Seminar

by , 29 April, 2016
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GradReady is currently gauging interest for a FREE Medical School Admissions Seminar. Please indicate your interest if you think such a seminar would be useful to you, and let your friends know! 

We will only be holding the seminar if there is sufficient interest.

This seminar will be useful to anyone applying to study medicine in 2016 or contemplating sitting the GAMSAT® Exam in the coming years. The speaker at the session will be a current medical student and GradReady GAMSAT® Exam tutor, and most importantly, someone who has been in your shoes.

We will highlight admissions milestones and the GEMSAS admissions process (including preferencing and portfolios), canvass the various admissions criteria for graduate medical schools across Australia, discuss the practical impacts of studying interstate and answer any of your burning questions about the long year ahead.

GradReady is currently helping over 1000 (and counting) students prepare for the 2015 March GAMSAT® Exam and was established in 2010 by medical students at the University of Melbourne. To see the number of students at your University preparing with GradReady, go to link immediately below.

Our 2013-14 students scored on average in the 87th percentile of the 2014 March GAMSAT® Exam. See additional information at


To indicate interest at your university, please follow the appropriate link below:


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