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University in focus Griffith University

Griffith University in Focus

by , 03 May, 2016
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Gold Coast (Postgraduate and Undergraduate available here)

Nathan (Undergraduate, but postgraduate portion will be at Gold Coast campus)


Griffith University was founded in 1971 before opening in 1975. Griffith University was given approval to offer medicine and oral health programs in 2004. 


Doctor of Medicine (MD)The undergraduate program will see you attain a Bachelor of Medical Science. 

Entry Pathways

Pathways available are undergraduate entry and postgraduate entry. Entry into the undergraduate program requires an ATAR of 99.60. Prerequisite subjects include:-English-Maths B-Biology, Chemistry or Physics (one of)Undergraduate entry involves studying an intensive two-year Bachelor of Medical Science degree that involves 3 years’ worth of full-time study. This will mean attending summer semester courses and winter semesters with no break. Only year 12 applicants are considered for this pathway.

Following these two years, if a GPA of at least 5.0 is maintained and a minimum grade of Pass in the course Human Skills for Medicine is attained, then graduates will seamlessly enter the Doctor of Medicine program.The Doctor of Medicine program itself is a postgraduate course. Entry requires at least a GAMSAT® Exam score of 50 in each section, and good performance in Griffith’s interview, the GUMSAA (Griffith University Multi-Station Admissions Assessment). GPA and GAMSAT® Exam scores are utilised in a 50:50 ratio to rank applicants for selection into the GUMSAA, where applicants are selected. The weights used for selection for a place in medical school is subdivided as 25:25:50 for GAMSAT : GPA : GUMSAA Score. The course runs for 4 years full-time, with breaks between semesters unlike the 2 year undergraduate course.

Enrolment Size

150 Commonwealth Supported places, non-specified number of these are bonded. About 90 places each year are reserved for entry by students from the Bachelor of Medical Science undergraduate entry scheme. 


Griffith University now utilises a new $150 million Health Centre for teaching Medicine and Dentistry. This was opened in 2015, and is equipped with a complete simulation area in which scenarios can be recorded for review. In addition, students can book resources to access the Clinical Skills Area.Griffith University also has a state-of-the-art anatomy laboratory for study of anatomy. Despite being relatively new, the Medical Program ranked in the top 300 as of 2015. Griffith’s postgraduate entry requires both GAMSAT® Exam and GPA, considering both equally. In recent years, the GPA of successful applicants has been around 6.7 and GAMSAT® Exam around 67.