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University in focus University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne in focus

by , 29 April, 2016
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University Name: Melbourne Medical School

LocationParkville, Melbourne

Founded: 1862

Degree: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Entry Pathway(s): GAMSAT

Enrollment Size: 350



Perhaps Australia’s most famous university, Melbourne University’s medical is also the oldest in the country. Within its faculty and alumni are numerous Nobel Prize winners who will be actively involved with the teaching of the students. Up until 2013, Melbourne had the MBBS course available for both local and international students, however they have since transitioned into a purely post-graduate structure. Entering into this prestigious university’s course can happen in numerous ways, however it is important to note that all pathways are very competitive and require very high marks, even by medical school standards.

Year 12 graduates who achieve entry scores of 99.90+ are guaranteed a post-graduate place in the course in what is known as the Dean’s Scholar List. This means that they no longer have to write the GAMSAT® Exam, however they are required to maintain a GPA. While it is possible for these students to pick any units and graduate with any under-graduate degree there is a requirement that the basic pre-med courses be completed. The majority will be enrolled in and complete a science or biomedical degree before commencing through to the medical degree.

The second pathway into Melbourne’s medical school is only available for those who achieve an ATAR of 99.00+. These students are also guaranteed a place in the postgraduate course with similar pre-requirements as the Deans Scholar list students. However, the catch here is that these students are full fee paying.

This means that every year they must pay the upfront fees which comes to roughly $260,000 for entire 4-year course. Of course tuitions vary from year to year. Also of note is that in this pathway, the undergraduate course that you must complete can be done as a commonwealth supported student and requires no upfront fees.

The final pathway available and the one which most students take is through the GAMSAT® Exam. During the final year of your undergraduate course, you will be required to sit the GAMSAT® Exam (more information about this can be found on our website). Your GAMSAT® Exam mark is then combined with your GPA and if the cut-off requirements are met, you will be offered and interview. Cut offs change every year so make sure to look them up! Generally, students tend to aim for around a 70. Given Melbourne’s famous and prestigious name, many students will apply, making the competition very intense. Furthermore, unlike some other Universities post-graduate courses Melbourne invites students from all different universities to apply with no preferential treatment given to its own undergrad students. This means that every year you have students all across the country competing for these places.