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GEMSAS interview timeline

Timeline of MMI Offers

by , 29 April, 2016
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USyd interview offers are out and GEMSAS interview offers aren’t far away.  This blog post will outline the key dates left in the admission process and help you identify which InterviewReady course is the right one for you!   

Key dates

  • Early-mid July  – USyd interview offers released
  • 7 July– InterviewReady course held in Sydney
  • Mid-late July – USyd interviews held
  • Early August - USyd offers released
  • Early September - GEMSAS interview offers (and offers of a place for UQ) released
  • September 13, 20 – InterviewReady course held in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Late September/October – Interviews held for other GEMSAS universities
  • Early November – Offers!
  • January 2019 – Monash interviews held
  • January/February 2019 - Monash offers!


How the GEMSAS interview offers are made
Once the GEMSAS matching system has ranked all applicants and determined whether they qualify for an interview (based on each university’s selection criteria), the lists are sent to each university.  Universities then make interview offers directly to students, so if you qualify for an interview at one of your preferenced universities, you will receive an email from the university inviting you to attend an interview.  Depending on the university, you may be offered an interview slot automatically, or you may have a chance to select a time slot through a booking system.  The process of releasing interview offers can take a few days, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the website/twitter/facebook to see if your preferenced universities have made all their interview offers (which therefore gives you an idea of whether you’re still in the running for an interview at that university, or you’ve been passed down to another university).

If you do not qualify for an interview at any of your preferenced universities, GEMSAS will notify you via email.  Unfortunately, if you do not qualify for an interview at any of your preferences, you cannot be considered for any subsequent offer rounds.

It’s also worth noting that some universities (eg. Wollongong) directly email any unsuccessful candidates who preferenced them as a courtesy, even if they qualify for an interview at another university.  So don’t be alarmed if you get a rejection email directly from a university.  It’s not over until the GEMSAS lady sings.  GEMSAS also normally update their website to indicate when all rejection emails have been sent – so after that point it’s no news is good news while you wait for an interview offer to find its way to you.

Regarding the exact timing of the offers and the interviews themselves, unfortunately what has been written at the start of this article  is as precise of a timeframe as is available  - GEMSAS needs to run its simulations before interview offers can be made. In addition,  universities don't generally publish their interview dates unless the interviews are going to be held earlier than normal, which is the case for Monash this year.   All the other universities would usually conduct the interviews in late September-early/mid October.


InterviewReady preparation courses
To coincide with interview offers GradReady are holding two sets of InterviewReady courses.  The first course will be held in July (7 th) and will be modelled on the USyd MMI.  The second course will be held in September (8 th) and combines aspects of the MMI from various GEMSAS universities.  For more information on the various forms of the MMI, check out our blog post 'How the MMI differs between Australian medical schools'.

However, if you preferenced Monash first and have a competitive GAMSAT® Exam (68+), due to the early MMI you won’t be able to enroll in our September InterviewReady course so you might want to consider enrolling in the August course – although the mock MMI will be modelled on the USyd structure, the interactive workshops and practise interviews will have you ready to tackle the Monash MMI with confidence!