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What you need to know about UK GAMSAT

by , 29 April, 2016
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The most important point to remember about UK GAMSAT® Exam is that it is a second chance to obtain that wretched GAMSAT® Exam score to secure your place in medical school without having to wait a whole year in between attempts. UK GAMSAT® Exam is administered by ACER the same organisation that administers the Australian GAMSAT ® Exam and the exam format, standard and marking schemes are identical.

While the Australian GAMSAT® Exam is held in March of each year to allow students to apply for and gain entry into Australian Medical schools for the next calendar year, UK GAMSAT® Exam is held in September to accord with the British university calendars. With a UK GAMSAT® Exam score you may be able to apply for entry into medical school in Great Britain or Australia.

Many students find that they are in a better position to sit the GAMSAT® Exam in September than in March and UK GAMSAT® Exam allows them this option.

Generally, Australian medical schools accept a UK GAMSAT® Exam score as the required GAMSAT® Exam score. There is no penalty or different weighting applied to a UK GAMSAT® Exam score on medical school entry applications. However, to be sure that you can use your UK GAMSAT ® Exam score it is always worth emailing your preferred medical school directly to confirm this. Also, remember that the GAMSAT® Exam score is not the only entry criteria and students will also need to consider their GPA and other admission requirements.

For more details on UK GAMSAT® Exam, including enrolment dates and costs it is best to consult the ACER website.

As for preparation, there is no difference between preparing for UK GAMSAT® Exam and the Australian GAMSAT® Exam as they are essentially the same exam. Our preparation material and courses will benefit students who take UK GAMSAT® Exam with some midyear live courses also offered in some cities. Many of our teaching staff have also had experience taking the UK GAMSAT® Exam and will happily share their experiences with you.