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Waiting for results post-GAMSAT

Waiting for news!

by , 29 April, 2016
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Hello there GAMSATers!

Congratulations firstly to all of you who have sat the extremely painful GAMSAT® Exam and gotten to the other side. Even though you may be feeling horrible and full of worry, this is perfectly normal – you’d have to a statistical anomaly to be walking out of that excruciating test with your head held high and a song in your heart. Most of us, regardless of how well we’ve actually gone, just have this horrible feeling of trepidation and impending doom… similar to the symptomology of a heart attack.

I would love to tell you all that it gets much better, but I don’t want to lie. This entire year will be a series of increasingly painful waits. I’m here to talk a little about your first, initial period of patience – the release of the GAMSAT® Exam results. This usually happens in early-mid May, and it is a gripping wait. You’ve finally done the worst/hardest part (by far!), and experience from every other test you’ve ever taken tells us that you should be able to completely unwind and relax… However, the knowledge of your results becoming compiled and eventually disseminated in now just over a month’s time will ensure you will receive no rest. It is an extremely cruel exercise, and I’m telling you all of this to bring your feelings to normality – and to ensure that you not only recognise the drawn-out stress, but implement strategies to deal with it!

Many of you would have spent the last 3+ months preparing yourself academically, mentally, and physically (or ignoring this aspect completely!) for the marathon that was the GAMSAT® Exam. Suddenly, once it’s all over, you have your life back; there is a huge void in your daily routine and, please, you must fill it! Working in a job, taking up other studies, enjoying life, running away from life on a holiday are all crucial – you need to keep yourself mentally and physically occupied! You really should give yourself an entire break from medicine/GAMSAT® Exam, and not think about the future in this regard until those results come out, and you can make the appropriate plans then. The amount of uncertainty is just too much to be constantly stressing about these results – no matter how you feel now, or you felt on the day, the GAMSAT® Exam results can be weird and wonderful, and impossible to predict! The complicated nature of the marking and the style of the questions mean that you can never be certain of exactly how you went.

I reiterate to you all again, please fill this GAMSAT® Exam-void in your life with activities that will keep you occupied! Focus on yourself and relaxing over the next month – you’ll have a huge amount to think about once those results come out, so rest up for now!

Again, I congratulate you all on getting through the hardest bump on your road to becoming a doctor.