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Interview Tips Post-GAMSAT

I Just Sat the GAMSAT, What Now?

First things first, congratulations. You’ve got that out of the way and that is no mean feat. In terms of the first thing to do - relax for a bit. Give yourself some down time. One of the best things you could...

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Tips for a new medical student

Tips and Tricks for Medical Students in 2017!

People across the world are looking forward to 2017; looking forward to the end of celebrity deaths, war, famine, and all the silly trends (I'm looking at you, mannequin challenge!) throughout the world ...

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Tips on what to do after GAMSAT

What to do after the GAMSAT

I think everyone who has experienced the doom and gloom of the GAMSAT® Exam remembers the moment in time as the GAMSAT® Exam comes to completion. You leave the hall with a sense of disorientation, and even when s...

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Another one bites the dust: UND converting to the MD

Now that the horror of GAMSAT® Exam preparation is done and GAMSAT® Exam 2016 is a thing of the past, you’ll need to star...

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University in focus Griffith University

Griffith University in Focus


Gold Coast (Postgraduate and Undergraduate available here)

Nathan (Undergraduate, but postgraduate portion will be at Gold Coast campus)


Griffith ...

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University in focus University of Sydney

University of Sydney in focus

University Name: University of Sydney - Sydney Medical School

Location: Redfern, Sydney

Founded: 1856


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