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GAMSAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Medical School Selection Criteria Australia

Selection Criteria for Australian Medical Schools


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Free GAMSAT Section 1 Workshop
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Free GAMSAT Section I Workshop

In its second free workshop, GradReady will share with you some approaches that will make Section I much less daunting. Many of the skills important to Section I take time to develop, which means you would well positi...

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GEMSAS interview timeline

Timeline of MMI Offers

USyd interview offers are out and GEMSAS interview offers aren’t far away.  This blog post will outline the key dates left in the admission process and help you identify which...

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Sitting in an interview

How to Sit in a Chair

You won’t be dancing, you won’t be prancing, not even pacing–you’ll be sitting in a chair. In an interview, how you sit in a chair matters. 

Don’t sit like a yogi. Don&rsqu...

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Tips to pass the MMI interview

Top 5 MMI Tips

  1. Do your research
    Not all MMIs are created...

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Taking the UK GAMSAT exam
Exam Tips

Advantages of taking the UK GAMSAT

There are a number of advantages to taking the UK GAMSAT® Exam. First and foremost the best way to prepare for an exam is to practice sitting the same exam. What better way to practice GAMSAT® Exam than to sit...

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