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GAMSAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Medical Professionals Working in a Rural Place

What It Means To Have A “Rural” Place

With GEMSAS offers now released, many people are talking about what it means to have a “rural” place. In fact, this refers to one of several schemes the Commonwealth government has established to address t...

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GP Co-Payment Issue

What does a GP co-payment really mean?

In this short blog, the aim is to give you an idea of the impact of a potential ‘GP co-payment’ on the medical workforce and the general patient population – the vast amount of information from the p...

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Not sure what to expect from the GAMSAT exam
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

Knowing what to expect from the GAMSAT

Most people sitting the GAMSAT® Exam have a fair idea of what each section involves, but it’s al...

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Second Chance with UK GAMSAT
Medical School Entry

UK GAMSAT - A second chance draw?

The GAMSAT® Exam is one of the most competitive entrance exams anywhere in the world, and the difference between a score of 63 and 65, for example, could spell the difference between entrance to medicine or the&nb...

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Medical Professionals Doctors Performing Surgery

When I grow up…. Surgery

Though many of you may be currently knocking down the doors of medical school, it is never too early to start casting an eye towards your future speciality choice. This is not only important to bring some light to the...

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