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Medical Professional Showing Student How to Choose a Medical School
Medical School Entry

Choosing Your Medical School

For many students, putting in the medical school preference order can be a challenging task. Below are just a few of the considerations when making this choice.


  1. Location:&nbs...

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UK GAMSAT® Preparation Courses
Medical School Entry

What you need to know about UK GAMSAT

The most important point to remember about UK GAMSAT® Exam is that it is a second chance to obtain tha...

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Choosing a Medical Career Path

Choosing a Medical Specialty

Many students embark on their long journey towards becoming a doctor with a clear idea of the end goal. This might mean becoming a paediatrician, or a neurosurgeon, or perhaps an ophthalmologist. Many more students, h...

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Australian Medical School Interviews - MMIs

What you need to know about MMI Interviews

Updated 24th September 2017

What is the MMI?

MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview. ...

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Good habits to have as a medical student in Australia

Top 5 Habits of a Successful Medical Student

Please remember that the entry into medicine is an up-and-down roller-coaster ride that will give you exhilarating highs, but at the same time rock-bottom lows. Just ensure you are talking to your friends and family, ...

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GAMSAT Essay Tips
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

A medical student’s guide to writing in the GAMSAT

One of the most arduous tests ...

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