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Second Chance with UK GAMSAT
Medical School Entry

UK GAMSAT - A second chance draw?

The GAMSAT® Exam is one of the most competitive entrance exams anywhere in the world, and the difference between a score of 63 and 65, for example, could spell the difference between entrance to medicine or the&nb...

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Medical Professionals Doctors Performing Surgery

When I grow up…. Surgery

Though many of you may be currently knocking down the doors of medical school, it is never too early to start casting an eye towards your future speciality choice. This is not only important to bring some light to the...

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Students sitting the GAMSAT exam
GAMSAT® Exam Tactics

What do you do to prepare for a big exam/event 1 week out?

We asked some of out experienced GAMSAT® Exam tutors for some helpfull last minute pointers in the lead up to the GAMSAT® Exam, and here's what they said.

Humanities tutors...

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'Mature age' medical students

Medicine for Mature Age Students

With the gradual shift towards postgraduate training at Australian medical schools, along with the various difficulties associated with getting into medical school, more and more medical school classes are populated w...

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A Good Doctor

Novel finding: reading fiction can make you a better doctor

“For this was the point, surely: he would be a better doctor for having read literature. What deep readings his modified sensibility might make of human suffering, of the self-destructive folly or sheer bad ...

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Thinking about applying for a medical school

So you’re thinking of applying to a portfolio school?

For most people thinking of applying to medical schools next year, my advice is to just ...

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