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GAMSAT Prep & Medicine Blogs

Thinking about applying for a medical school

So you’re thinking of applying to a portfolio school?

For most people thinking of applying to medical schools next year, my advice is to just ...

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Research as a medical student

Research in medical school – what, when, how, and with whom?

As has previously been posted in these blog series, it is getting harder and harder to get into specialty training following medical school. Why is this important to you now? Well, to ensure an ‘easier’ pr...

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Volunteering and Building Portfolio

V for…volunteering

Following on from the blog post 'So you're thinking of applying to a portfolio school?', over ...

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Waiting for results post-GAMSAT

Waiting for news!

Hello there GAMSATers!

Congratulations firstly to all of you who have sat the extremely painful GAMSAT® Exam and gotten to the other side. Even though you may be feeling horrible and full of worry, this ...

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Medical school entry rule changes
Medical School Entry

Changes to medical school admissions for 2016 entry

As Bob Dylan said, The Times They Are a-Changin'.  The beast that is the world of graduate medical school admissions just got a whole lot more confusing, with yet another university pulling out of the GEMSAS ...

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Second Chance GAMSAT Exam Retry

ACER press release and GAMSAT re-sit

As a result of a misprint in some GAMSAT® Exam question booklets in Sydney (Canterbury) and a timing issue in Perth (Undercroft), ACER is offering affected students the option to re-sit the GAMSAT® Exam on 11 ...

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