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Medical School Entry

Another one bites the dust: UND converting to the MD

Now that the horror of GAMSAT® Exam preparation is done and GAMSAT® Exam 2016 is a thing of the past, you’ll need to star...

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Statistics about medical professionals
Medical School Entry

Doctor's Numbers

As the middle of the year quickly falls upon us, with the results of months of GAMSAT® Exam prepara...

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Budget recap for medical schools
Medical School Entry

2016-2017 Budget Recap


I know right, not the most exciting of blog topics...  But as a current medical student, GAMSAT® Exam Tutor and former taxation lawyer, I have a morbid interest in the bud...

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University in focus Griffith University
Medical School Entry

Griffith University in Focus


Gold Coast (Postgraduate and Undergraduate available here)

Nathan (Undergraduate, but postgraduate portion will be at Gold Coast campus)


Griffith ...

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University in focus University of Sydney
Medical School Entry

University of Sydney in focus

University Name: University of Sydney - Sydney Medical School

Location: Redfern, Sydney

Founded: 1856


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University in focus University of Melbourne
Medical School Entry

The University of Melbourne in focus

University Name: Melbourne Medical School

LocationParkville, Melbourne


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