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GAMSAT 2018 - Get in the know and get studying now!

GAMSAT 2018 - Get in the know and get studying now!

by , 14 December, 2017
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GAMSAT 2018.

It’s coming. Fast. So get in the know ASAP.

But what, I hear you ask, do I actually need to know? And what can I do now?

What is GAMSAT?

GAMSAT is the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test, required for applications to all post-graduate medical courses. It has 3 sections testing your critical thinking and analysis and how you organize and communicate your ideas.GAMSAT Preparation Course

Section I, Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, is multiple choice and asks you to examine different texts, including fiction, non-fiction, cartoons, and poetry. Topics cover socio-cultural and academic issues and questions test your interpretation and understanding of ideas in a social and cultural context.

Section II offers a little bit of a change, with an opportunity to write 2 essays expressing your ideas and thoughts in response to a few quotes that provide a theme. This is my favorite section, where you really get to express your ideas.

Section III, the ‘Big Bad’, tests Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, at roughly a first-year university level. 110 questions in 170 minutes test your reasoning and problem solving, as well as your understanding and application of scientific concepts.

Of course, there’s much more to know about GAMSAT. The most important thing to do, if you’re considering registering for GAMSAT, is to read the 2018 GAMSAT information booklet published by ACER. This provides all of the information you need for sitting GAMSAT – in the lead-up, on the day and after the test, as well as some information on applying to medical schools.


When is GAMSAT?

Each year, ACER, the administrators of the GAMSAT exam follow roughly the same timeline, and 2018 is no different. Below are the dates for the 2018 March sitting of GAMSAT:

Early November 2017 – Registrations have opened!

February 2nd, 2018 – Registrations close. Register after this time and you’ll have to pay a ridiculous $100 late fee.

February 11th – Deferral and refund requests close - your last chance to get your money back!

March 9th – Admission Tickets released – get excited! Or panic. But preferably excited because you’ve been studying so hard!

March 24th – GAMSAT DAY!

Late May 2018 – Results released! Get excited again!


How do I prepare for GAMSAT? Should I start now?

The trick to smashing GAMSAT is to start studying early and to study smart. Work out what your strengths and weaknesses are, get feedback and practice, practice, practice. You can and should start studying RIGHT NOW if you’re even considering sitting GAMSAT in the next 12 months.


Here are some neat blogs on how to smash your GAMSAT exam:


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Not from a science background?


And there’s plenty more where those came from! Just search GradReady's blogs to find a topic of your choice.


Another important thing to do is reach out to friends that have sat GAMSAT already, or that are planning on sitting it at the same time. Pick the veterans brains about what the exam is really like and how they succeeded, what study methods they’ve used and if they have any tips. Form a study group with friends and work together – many heads make light work, and you can keep each other on track.


If you’re serious about sitting GAMSAT in 2018, you should also consider private tutoring or a prep course, and it’s not too late to sign up! Check out some of our different GAMSAT preparation courses and find an option tailored to your needs!


So what are you waiting for? Get informed and get studying! Good luck!