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Medical Professional Showing Student How to Choose a Medical School

Choosing Your Medical School

by , 29 April, 2016
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For many students, putting in the medical school preference order can be a challenging task. Below are just a few of the considerations when making this choice.


  1. Location: Being a medical student can be challenging at the best of times, let alone if you’re travelling a long distance to get to the university/site of placement or if you need to move out of home. It is worthwhile considering the additional stress that you might encounter due to the location of your medical school.
  2. Chance of acceptance: It is worth considering the likelihood of acquiring entry to certain universities based on your GPA and GAMSAT® Exam results. This is why GradReady always urges students to maximise their GAMSAT Exam results. However, once you have decided on the medical schools you will preference, you should preference them in the order that you would most like to attend.  Make sure you read the GEMSAS admissions guide available on their website and the medical school entry requirements of each university. 
  3. Clinical placements: Certain hospitals that are associated with particular universities. For example in Victoria, St Vincent’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Austin Hospital are associated with the University of Melbourne, while the Alfred Hospital is associated with Monash University. For this reason, UoM MD students do not undertake any placement at the Alfred Hospital. If there is a particular hospital in which you are interested in undertaking placements (for reasons of location, convenience or otherwise), it is worthwhile looking into what each medical school offers.
  4. Other opportunities: Each medical school will offer their own opportunities in terms of research, exchange programs and extra-curricular activities. Do some of your own research to see what might appeal to you. If you want to look at your options & where you could potentially study, PostgradAustralia is a great platform that allows you to explore, compare and apply for different medical specialities around Australia.
  1. Internship allocation: Due to the internship crisis, it appears that there will be difficulties in moving interstate for your internship due to states prioritising students from their own state. In fact, some states have indicated that international students from their own universities are a higher priority than a domestic student from interstate. For example, it will be difficult to return home to do your internship in Melbourne if you have moved to train at a medical school in NSW.